Doctors called the first signs of kidney stones

Proper kidney function helps the human body to clean the blood by washing away unnecessary water and toxins through the urine. However, there are cases when the undissolved crystals create toxins, doctors called the first signs of kidney stones.

Медики назвали первые признаки появления камней в почках

Urologists say that the body can cope with small crystals, it eliminates their own, but large stones remaining in the kidney, creating significant health problems. The presence of foreign bodies in vital body prevents the urethra to perform its intended function, and the person suffers from unbearable pain.

Doctors, talking about the first signs of kidney stones, focus on the appearance of infections of urinary tract: pain with urination, and fever. It often happens that the urine changes color, becomes cloudy, an unpleasant smell and sharp pain in the back as well as in the genitals and groin.

Another common feature, which is called doctors, this is bloody urine, it turns pink or red, there is unbearable pain in the abdomen, which kind of goes and comes back again, and nausea and vomiting. The patient suffers from severe sweating, frequent and painful urination, leading to dehydration.

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