Doctors-nutritionists called the first sign of a lack of food from all the nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of the body. According to experts, this symptom should not be ignored.

Doctors named the first a sign that the body is not getting enough nutrients from food

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Doctors have said that the first sign of a lack of essential nutrients in the body is fatigue, which occurs without doing physical work. Because of this, a person often becomes irritable. Nutritionists said that often this condition occurs after a missed lunch or in lovers of strict diets. Doctor Patricia Bennan advised not to risk health in pursuit of a slim figure. Regular lack of nutrients in the body can turn into trouble. Because of this, immunity will be weakened and a person’s resistance to diseases will decrease.

Nutritionists advise including vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, dairy products, grains and legumes in the diet. With a calcium deficiency in the body, discomfort occurs in the limbs. Lack of potassium will result in increased heart rate and impaired urination. In case of vitamin D deficiency, a person becomes lethargic. With a lack of iron, pains appear throughout the body.



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