'Doctor Who' Star Cast in Powerful Detective for AppleTV+

'Doctor Who' Star Cast in Powerful Detective for AppleTV+

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi will star in the new AppleTV+ detective series Criminal Record. Deadline reports this.

Doctor Who Star Cast in Powerful Detective for AppleTV+

Still from 2005 Doctor Who series

Capaldi will play the role of the elder Inspector Daniel Hegarty. The second cop, Detective Sergeant June Lenker, will be played by Kash Jumbo (The Good Fight).

Criminal Record is described as a powerful thriller set in contemporary London. The protagonists find themselves embroiled in a re-investigation of a murder case after an anonymous call to the police. While revisiting an old case, the characters disagree about what happened, adding to the complexity of the unsolved crime.

The two actors also executive produced the series, which began filming in London. The show is directed by Jim Loach (Sun & Oranges) and showrunner Paul Rutman (Faith).

The show is currently filming in London. Criminal Record will have eight episodes. The release date of the series has not yet been announced.

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