The Russians should not wait for the body temperature to rise to 38 degrees, but need to bring it down. According to doctor Denis Prokofiev, the old methods of treatment, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, are wrong.

Doctor Prokofiev advised Russians not to wait for a temperature of 38 degrees

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The doctor noted that the method of combating infectious diseases requires correction. The coronavirus has changed everything. Among other things, the doctor advises abandoning the principle of not bringing down the temperature, which has not reached 38 degrees. According to the doctor, the period of coronavirus infection has shown that this indicator is a symptom, and not a separate disease. According to Denis Prokofiev, a temperature of 37.5 can be dangerous. After the era of coronavirus infection, doctors have developed a new method in which the temperature is considered an indicator of the course of the infection. The more this parameter differs from the normal physiological value, the more difficult the prognosis for the patient.

The doctor noted that this practice has been used abroad for a long time. Antipyretic drugs in Russia are now also introduced as a mandatory intake for the entire duration of treatment. They help not only control the temperature, but also relieve the symptoms of intoxication.



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