Olga Titareno explained whether alcohol in small quantities is as useful as they say in society. According to the doctor, indeed, in low-drinking people, the risk of heart attack and stroke decreased, but the likelihood of developing oncology increased.

Doctor Olga Titarenko spoke about the usefulness of alcohol in small quantities

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DocMed clinic therapist Olga Titarenko in an interview shared information about that there is a conditional division of people into moderate drinkers and those who abuse alcohol. It all depends on the amount of alcohol consumed, and for men and women this dose is different. Based on studies on the effect of alcohol on the body, according to Olga Titarenko, the best results were for those who consumed it in small quantities (for women, about 7 mugs of 360 ml of beer per week). “They had reduced risks of heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, kidney cancer,” the therapist said.

Despite these results, according to Olga Titarenko, people who drink alcohol in small doses increase the likelihood of developing cancer. diseases, and should also take into account the characteristics of each organism and the associated risks.

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