Doctor Grigory Sheyanov explained in what weather you need to wear a hat

Pediatrician Grigory Sheyanov told when to put on a hat. According to the specialist, with a decrease in temperature in the autumn, the headdress protects the body from hypothermia.

Doctor Grigory Sheyanov explained in what weather you need to wear a hat

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As the doctor noted, there are no strict rules for parents when it is necessary to put a hat on a child. In this matter, it is important to focus on the climate, children's health, habits. Some parents prefer to wrap up the child, while others prefer to temper. According to Sheyanov, each of these approaches has the right to life. Special requirements exist only for babies: a light hat is necessary if the air temperature is below +18.

The doctor called the statement “myth” that if you walk without a hat in the cold, you can catch ARVI and flu. These ailments are caused by viruses and bacteria, so they do not only occur in cold weather. However, Sheyanov does not recommend walking without a hat at sub-zero temperatures, since this threatens hypothermia and weakening of the immune system, and a person becomes more susceptible to infectious diseases. Otitis media or sinusitis may occur, as well as inflammation of the organs exposed to hypothermia. In them, the blood flow decreases, reflex vasoconstriction occurs, the blood supply to the mucous membrane deteriorates, therefore, the natural protection factors weaken, the pediatrician explained.

However, the child should not be wrapped up unnecessarily, as he will sweat and take off his hat to feel more comfortable. In a cold season, an adult needs a headdress if he plans a long walk. It is better for people who have recently been ill not to give up their hat in “plus”, but windy and damp weather. A headgear is essential when playing sports in the cold.

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