Doctor butcher commented on the effectiveness of different sides of the medical mask

In recent years, the world wide web is actively spreading information that different sides of the same masks designed for different purposes. Known display doctor, Alexander Myasnikov has denied these data, naming them “nonsense”.

Доктор Мясников прокомментировал эффективность разных сторон медицинской маски

Recently on the YouTube channel of the Information center to monitor the situation with COVID-19 posted a video where the head of the operational headquarters said about protective masks. According to information from the Network infected with a coronavirus infection should wear their blue side out, and people who want to protect themselves, on the contrary, inside. However, Dr. butcher noted that it is not so. According to the expert, the mask is equally effective in both cases. He noted that as long as it fits close to the face.

Earlier in a recent interview with a specialist in biological protection Georgy Frolov told journalists about the dangers of long use of one medical mask. He also reported the need to disinfect them even before disposal, because they can accumulate dangerous bacteria.

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