Doctor Evgenia Anisiforova listed products that help replenish vitamins in the body. According to the doctor, pharmacy vitamin complexes will not work if a person does not have healthy habits.

Doctor Anisiforova listed products to replenish vitamins

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In winter, SARS often occur. Provoke the disease hypothermia, stress, visiting places with a large number of people, as well as vitamin deficiency. Pharmacy complexes, as a rule, contain zinc, selenium, as well as vitamins A, B6, C, D and E. In addition, they include herbal ingredients, prebiotics and probiotics. At the same time, you should not hope for a miraculous effect from dietary supplements. They only work if a person leads a healthy lifestyle. Evgenia Anisiforova recommended paying attention to nutrition, which should be balanced, as well as to the presence of physical activity. In addition, good sleep and the absence of stress are important.

The doctor recommended taking vitamins and dietary supplements as prescribed by the doctor, because an excess of useful substances does not always have a beneficial effect on the body. Moreover, such drugs in case of uncontrolled intake can provoke poisoning. Evgenia Anisiforova recommended paying attention to products that have antibacterial properties. These are garlic, onion, mustard, horseradish and radish.

In addition, fermented milk products and foods rich in fiber should be introduced into the diet. In the winter season, you need to eat more greens, vegetables, berries, fruits, as well as bran, cereals and legumes.



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