Do Tesla semis threaten to knock out the power grid?

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According to the British transport network operator, the Tesla Semi will require quite monstrous amounts of electricity…

Are the Tesla-semi threatening to knock-out the power grid?

Last October, Tesla, through the unstoppable Elon Musk, announced the upcoming arrival on the roads of the Semi electric truck. We now know that the first deliveries will begin very soon, and that the first customer to be able to take advantage of Tesla Semi trucks will be a certain Pepsi. A long wait that will come to an end, since the production of the Tesla Semi was initially to start at the end of 2019. An electric truck that could however pose serious energy concerns according to the British transport manager.

Worries about electricity due to electric trucks?

Indeed, the National Grid recently made a point of calculating the quantities of energy necessary to allow the Tesla Semi to circulate on American roads. Obviously, Tesla's heavyweight (37 tons) will require a huge amount of electricity to operate, so much so that a charging area for these same Semis could consume as much. than a small American town by 2035.

For its part, a charging station could turn out to be as energy-intensive as a sports stadium; by 2030. Bloomberg explains that the amount of energy consumed by electric vehicles is not really the problem. “Even if the world stopped building new gas-powered cars and trucks altogether in the early 2030s – an optimistic scenario – it would add no more than 15% to global electricity consumption by 2040” indicates the group.

In reality, according to National Grid, the real challenge is how quickly high-speed chargers will need to deliver power to a specific place and time. And at this level, the Tesla Semi can recover up to 70% range in just 30 minutes. As for electric cars, remember that the prices of Superchargers have recently been modified, and that recharging will cost more at the end of the day.

In terms of autonomy, Tesla's electric trucks will be able to drive on total distance of 482 km as far as the models offered at $150,000 are concerned. A second version, sold at $180,000, allows you to travel a total of 800 km on a single charge. For those interested, the public presentation of the Tesla Semi truck will be broadcast on December 1.

Tesla has already announced the Megacharger, specific stations dedicated to Semi, and which will notably be powered by solar energy. However, this should not be enough to meet demand, knowing that Tesla will not be the only one to run electric trucks, since we also find Volvo or Mercedes on this market.