Do not smash the kurnikiv. The fox was first caught fishing – it cost 10 koropiv (video)

Do not smash the kurnikiv. The fox was first caught fishing – it cost 10 koropiv (video)

There are only two kinds of canines, yakі may have a unique newcomer to catch ribi – now the foxes are in the middle of them.

Make sure you smash the chickens. The fox was caught earlier for fishing — 10 kopecks (video)

Vovkas of the Pacific coast of Pivnichnoy America were vowed by the same dogs, as if they were a fisherman for eating. However, a new study shows that they have a competitor – the first time in history they caught a fox for fishing, write Science News.

Environmentalist Jorge Tobajas and his colleague Francisco Días Ruiz from the University of Malaga were engaged in another project, if they had consumed a male ore on their eyes foxes (Vulpes vulpes). Doslidnikov got it that the creature did not sneer at the people who sang, but calmly continued to take care of their rights.

For ten years, this kind of foxes have been waving for ten years, but they could not think what would become far away. Tobahas and his colleague decided to hide nearby and marvel at what the fox was planning to do. It turned out that the fox had a big plan for the day – fishing.

the onset of 60 hvilins of the future guarded, like a hut, with sparse ruffles, burrowing its muzzle near the water, and one by one veiling a new corps. Ecologists squandered a dozen forked ribis.

Previously, the successors already had a chance to know in the excrement of red foxes, there was an excess of zhzhі, there was no scientific evidence, that they themselves stole zdobich, and did not strip the already dead ribeye. proof that the foxes are not less than miraculous thinkers, but rather fishermen. The vcheni also remembered that the male did not become a clay catch, but having left a part for sweat and succumbed, at least with one husk, from the female fox ore. Vcheni let go, what a couple.

It's significant that two years ago we were able to document fishing wolf fishing on the Pacific coast. At that moment, the stench became the only dog, as if the building were not only for help, watering, but also fishing. New video to bring, scho rudі foxes so mayut tsyu navychku — now scientі vіdі vіdі vіdomі two kinds of canines, like they can catch fish.

Before the speech, on the thought of Tobahas, which allows us to admit, that other representatives of the mind of the canine, perhaps, may have the same habit. Please, the ecologist cares, that now the red foxes will stand at the new light in front of the old sleep. Previously, the reputation was not so crystal-clear – the stench was often marked in attacks on thinness, since they did not like anyone. Video master fishing to bring, scho ore foxes are richly intelligent and enchanting, they could let them down.