“Do not repeat the mistakes of others”: the Dynamo Besedin commented on the scandalous video with his beating

The football team of Ukraine honestly told the story from four years ago

A couple of days ago the Internet has emerged the story of how the companions in the apartment beat up the football player of Kiev “Dynamo”. In trouble got a young striker Artem Besedin. Now a player is serving a suspension for doping, however, did not remain silent.

24-year-old native of Kharkiv admitted that the scandalous video belongs to episode 2016:

“This unpleasant situation happened four years ago. I fell into bad company and was well aware that this story does not paint me. Since then, my life has changed a lot. I professionally belong to the football constantly keep myself in shape. I have a wonderful family: a wife and child.

Of course, now anything like that to happen. Let this video be a lesson to young boys and girls. Do not repeat the mistakes of others. Watch carefully with whom you associate, and do not fall in bad company”.

By the way, UEFA decided on the final verdict in the doping case of the Dynamo Besedina and upheld the annual disqualification. Outside of tournaments, the striker will stay until December 19, 2020.

See how Artem scored for Dynamo on 1 December last year in the championship of Ukraine

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