“Do not go into the Champions locker room in a suit”: a tennis player Stakhovsky fell under the “shower” in Hungary

From Kiev, who lives in Hungary, came to congratulate the team of Serhiy Rebrov

In a funny situation and got the best Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky. 34-the summer inhabitant of Kiev who last years lives in Budapest, decided to congratulate the players, “Ferencvaros” with the title champion of Hungary. Besides, the team coached compatriot and friend staha – the former coach of Kiev “Dynamo” Sergei Rebrov. By the way, the Shakhtar midfielder became the player of “ferencváros”.


In the last round and the champion won “Mezokovesd” and rapidly, with champagne and shouts, celebrated the title in the locker room. The players and staff of the “Ferencvaros” took the soul in a variety of entertainment. Stakhovsky also allowed in the locker room. Sergey came in pants and shirt with short sleeves. At some point one of the players decided that tennis player looks too formal and doused it with water!

Ukrainians were sympathetic to the situation, and later wrote in social networks: “Never go in the locker room Champions dressed as if you go with your favorite for dinner (my case in the video)”. See “douche” in the last minute of the video.

In early June, Ukrainian Kharatin scored for the “red star” in the championship of Hungary.

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