Dmitry Guberniev spoke about the conflict between Tatiana Tarasova and Irina Rodnina

Well-known commentator Dmitry Guberniev spoke about the conflict that erupted between Tatiana Tarasova and Irina Rodnina. The broadcaster said that both the coach and the skater treats with great reverence, considering them “great women”.

Дмитрий Губерниев высказался о конфликте между Татьяной Тарасовой и Ириной Родниной

Guberniev has reminded that thanks to Tatyana Tarasova Irina Rodina has twice won the championship in the Olympic games with his partner. Arose between the coach and the former ward conflict seems the commentator is extremely sad phenomenon, which he shared on the YouTube channel “playing the body”. The presenter also does not hide his own regret regarding the fact that the stars of figure skating are now in such difficult relationships.

During his career, Tarasov had to share the experience later with many great athletes. Among them are not only partners, but Andrei Bukin, Mao, Assad, Alexander Zaytsev and others. The skater has won numerous titles in the prestigious competition.

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