Disneyland: thousands of visitors locked up in spite of themselves in the park for Halloween

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On October 31, the Disneyland park underwent an emergency closure even though thousands of patrons were out. inside. This surprising decision by the local authorities is cause for scandal since they were held for almost an entire day. 

Disneyland: thousands of visitors locked up in the park for Halloween

zero covid policy

A dream that turns into a nightmare. It must have been a magical day at the school. Disneyland, by meeting the emblematic characters of the mythical company; of American production. The decoration had been changed to the occasion of Halloween, young and old had therefore had the opportunity to visit the iconic place to experience a very beautiful day. Except that it was without counting on the Covid-19. It is in the Chinese park located not far from Shanghai that thousands of individuals had the unpleasant surprise of being confined. It was around 11:40 a.m. that the management announced that the park was going to be entirely closed for an indefinite period. The reason? Authorities got wind of a 31-year-old woman's visit to the park on October 27 who contracted the coronavirus. 

Disneyland: thousands of visitors locked up in the park for Halloween

This radical decision is part of the zero Covid policy of the Chinese regime. The authorities have only authorized the reopening of the doors only in the evening around 8:30 p.m., and visitors to the site were forced to take a test and be negative to get out. For those who would have gone to Disneyland between 27 and 31, the authorities ask to pass at least three tests in the next three days and thus avoid any contact with relatives. 

visitors were finally able to leave the 'pregnant

Mickey's firm defends itself against through a press release, explaining that she acted according to the rules in force in the country. The company had announced before the closure of the park at theme. 

The park will be closed. temporarily with immediate effect in accordance with with epidemic control measures. We will let you know as soon as we have a reopening date. 

Disneyland: thousands of visitors locked up in the park for Halloween

Last Monday, health authorities reported 2,699 cases of Covid-19 which started at the interior of the country, including ten asymptomatic cases in Shanghai. China is one of the last countries in the world to apply drastic rules against Covid-19. This “zero Covid” policy involves confinement as soon as positive cases appear. PCR tests are mandatory several times a week and quarantines remain frequent in some parts of the country. Recently, it is an iPhone factory that has been update the stop. China remains on high alert for Covid-19, which is having catastrophic effects on the country's economy.