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Disneyland Paris: this scam affected more than 1,000 families

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun19,2024

Disneyland Paris welcomes around 15 million visitors each year. But despite this success, the famous theme park is not immune to certain controversies. In this case, a big scam has recently made headlines. And for good reason!

Disneyland Paris: this scam affected more than 1,000 families

a stay at disneyland paris for a “derisory” price

Getting to Disneyland Paris with friends, family, or your partner is a pleasure for many people. Whether for a day or a stay, it allows you to share highlights and satisfy fans of Disney animated films. But we must also admit that it is not given. Ticket prices are expensive, and it's even worse for hotels! So, when a Catalan travel agency offered us a stay at 300 euros per person with plane, hotel and park tickets included,hundreds of families have jumped! on the occasion.

According to information from the Spanish media324, around a hundred families based in Catalonia would have paid, bringing home around 85,000 euros. the travel agency. Problem: once the money is paid to the wholesaler Bilbao, the latter decided to go to Bilbao. to cancel the trip at the last moment.The reason given? Terrorist risks due to France's involvement in the war in Ukraine. Fortunately, the victims are not left alone.

Disneyland Paris: this scam affected more than 1,000 families

a big scam, and this is not the first

Following up; Following this scam, the victims turned to the courts, which took over the case. Upon investigation, authorities discovered thatIn reality, nearly 1,300 families have been scammed throughout Spain, for a total sum of around 360,000 euros! Behind this large-scale scam is a woman whose identity has not been revealed, but who has already known to the police for similar acts, dating back to the early 2010s.

Disneyland Paris: this scam has affected more than 1,000 families

The travel agency was able to reimburse the families who were victims of this big scam but it has not, for its part, been reimbursed. At present, we do not know if this will be the case in the future. the future, or even if the woman behind the scam is still free.

Natasha Kumar

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