Disney +: this cult saga of Harrison Ford will have the right to its own series

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This emblematic saga carried by Harrison Ford will return in the form of a series. After four films, and while a fifth is expected very soon, the famous license led by Harrison Ford will also be making a comeback on Disney+ via a new format&nbsp ;: the one from the series!

Disney+: Harrison Ford's cult saga is getting its own series

Harrison Ford: an iconic actor

Today in old age 80 years old, Harrison Ford has a full career. In 55 years of career, the actor has turned; with the older ones. Named; in 1986 at the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in Witness, Harrison Ford never won; the coveted statuette. Regardless, he appeared in no less than three iconic licenses: Star Wars, Blade Runner and Indiana Jones.

Disney+: this cult saga by Harrison Ford will have the right to his own series

In 2015, he reprized his role as Han Solo in Star Wars VII  ;Force Awakening. In 2017, he returned to Rick Deckard's clothes at; the occasion of Blade Runner 2049. Now all he has to do is reprise the role of Indiana Jones. Ça falls well since it will return under the hat of the famous archaeologist at the occasion of Indiana Jones 5, realized; by James Mangold, and expected June 28, 2023 in theaters.

Indiana Jones is back soon

In addition to this fifth movie, the great Indiana Jones should also be the hero of your own series. Variety reports that Disney and LucasFilm are in the early stage of development of an Indiana Jones series for Disney+. No details have yet leaked. regarding this television show. It is not yet known whether this series will connect; to the film by James Mangold. Nor even if Harrison Ford is going to reprise the role once more or not. We would bet more on a prequel series which would tell the story of the youth of the famous archaeologist. The opportunity for Disney to rejuvenate the character, to choose a new actor, and thus to relaunch a whole new saga, without Harrison Ford.

Disney+: Harrison Ford's cult saga will get its own series ;rie

Expected June 28, Indiana Jones 5 will likely mark Harrison Ford’s final appearance in the iconic Indy role . It will therefore be necessary to take advantage of it, before Disney reboots the license. For the occasion, he will be surrounded by a cast notably composed of; by Mads Mikkelsen, Antonio Banderas, Toby Jones or Phoebe Waller-Bridge.