Disney: Pixar unveils the trailer for its new Inside Out film

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As reviews for the upcoming Disney animated film have just been released (and are looking very promising), the studio Pixar has just unveiled the first trailer for its upcoming feature film, which is reminiscent of Inside Out

Disney: Pixar unveils the trailer for its new film to the tunes of Inside Out

When vice versa meets zootopia

After having revolutionized animation cinema since its first feature film, Toy Story, the Pixar studio is currently in the throes of change. Hemust say that the studio, affiliated to Disney, had to to face; numerous internal crises: the shattering departure of its mastermind, John Lasseter, accused of sexual harassment, the damage caused by the Covid-19 crisis which made the excellent En Avant!  a real failure at the box office , and the arrival of Disney+ which deprived his next three films (SoulLuca and Red Alert) for theatrical release.Not to mention the public's disinterest in regarding Buzz Lightyear (whose review you can find by clicking here). 

Now directed by Pete Docter, the director of Monsters Inc.Up ThereVice Versa and  Soul, the studio is forced; to renew. While the 2020s seem to bring forth some very promising new talent,the studio has just unveiled the first trailer for Éelementary , his next feature film, directed by by Peter Sohn, ` which we owe the underestimated Le Voyage d'Arlo, released in 2015. 

As usual, Pixar seems to be delivering an extremely conceptual film. If for the moment, the mystery remains total concerning the scenario of Élémentaire, it appears clearly that the feature film will deal with the elements. natural elements, here personified and evolving in a large megalopolis. It follows that the next Pixar seems to the crossover between Inside Outand Zootopia, respectively one of Pixar's greatest hits and one of the most recent Disney hits. Moreover, this new feature film proves to be a new technical challenge for the studio, insofar as they are confronted with; the need to work on the textures of the different elements. 

Disney: Pixar unveils the trailer for its new film to the tunes of Inside Out< /p>

Although it is scheduled for 2023, we do not know the release date of Elementary. Furthermore, Disney's takeover about his next animated feature film could also deprive us of a release of the next Pixar in France, in favor of a local release exclusively on Disney+. Pixar may not have finished cringing… 

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