Disney: despite the success of Disney+, the studio fears having to make this terrible decision

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First Twitter, nowDisney: it looks like the big-eared company will soon be preparing for the worst. The social network, recently acquired by Elon Musk, fired is encumbering its staff, and could well go bankrupt if it fails to make more money. Very worrying rumors, both for users and for shareholders, and which could be accompanied by another equally dramatic announcement on the side of the company. from Disney. Indeed, despite the success of its streaming platform, it seems that the American company is in trouble.

Disney: despite the success of Disney+, the studio fears having to make this terrible decision

Disney forced; to take this terrible decision?

For several months, the audiovisual giants have suffered particularly.Layoffs have multiplied within the teams of Netflix, HBO and Warner Bros. While streaming platforms seem to be very lucrative from an outside perspective, it turns out that they are not profitable. The big boss of Disney, Bob Chapek, has thus predicted that his video service to demand will be profitable by the end of 2024. But it will not be without difficulties…

Indeed, according to our colleagues from CNBC, who had access to a memo from the studios, the CEO is reportedly considering downsizing, freezing hiring (only recruiting new employees for “the most critical and important positions for the company“) and slow down employee travel(replaced by virtual work meetings). Drastic decisions aimed at reduce costs for the firm.

Confirmed: Disney plans targeted hiring and layoff freezes, according to a memo from the CEO Bob Chapek.

Although this information is not yet released. officially confirmed or denied by Disney, there is a good chance that it will be the case in the near future. It is not yet known how many employees will be laid off, as the firm will first form a “Working Group on Workforce Structure”. costs” to review its finances. However, with Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy saying that the company was “actively evaluating its cost base and looking for significant efficiencies“, the number of layoffs could be substantial. Very bad news…