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Dismantling of a drug trafficking network in Ottawa

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The RCMP and its partners dismantled a criminal group of Ottawa and seized drugs and firearms.


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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Ottawa Police Service say they have foiled an attempt to import 52 kilograms of cocaine from Colombia which could have been sold for around $1.5 million. Four suspects in connection with this case were arrested, according to security services.

In a press release released Tuesday, the RCMP indicates that those arrested are residents of Ottawa. They face five drug and firearms-related charges after officers raided a property near the federal capital in November. RCMP allege this is where the group stored drugs.

The investigation reportedly began in August when police officers CBSA in New Brunswick have identified a Canadian company suspected of using shipping containers to smuggle drugs from Colombia to Canada.

In October, Canadian investigators were informed of a seizure of 38 kilograms of cocaine in a container destined for a business in the Ottawa area by Colombian authorities. They also learned that a second container was on its way to the same location.

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Colombian authorities seized 38 kilograms of cocaine last October in a container destined for a company in the Ottawa area.< /p>

This second container was spotted in Saint John, New Brunswick in late October and, with the help of a CBSA search dog, Investigators found and seized the remaining 14 kilograms of cocaine. From there, RCMP began tracking the container east of Canada, which led investigators to the property near Ottawa where they found two prohibited firearms and a bulletproof vest, according to the RCMP press release.

The date of arrest of the four suspects aged 31 to 48 is currently unknown. They are being held until their next court appearance on December 15.

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Ottawa police participated in the execution of the search warrant, according to the same press release, while numerous RCMP units in Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, as well as CBSA officers in Northern Ontario and x27;foreign, also played a role in the seizure.

This successful operation shows the importance of collaborating with our national and international partners responsible of law enforcement to disrupt the entry of illegal drugs into Canada, emphasizes the acting director of intelligence and enforcement operations of the CBSA for the region of The Atlantic, Julie Brock.

With information from CBC News

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