Dismantle criminal gang dedicated to motorcycle theft in Bogotá

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Authorities established that criminals used firearms to intimidate their victims and evict them from their vehicle

Criminal gang dedicated to motorcycle theft in Bogotá dismantled

The authorities established that the criminals used firearms to intimidate their victims and dislodge them from their vehicle.

The members of a criminal gang dedicated to theft in Bogotá were sent to jail, which was dismantled, according to the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation.

According to the prosecuting entity, in an action Led by the Bogota Branch of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation and supported by the Sijin of the National Police, José Andrés González Sandoval, Jhoan Sebastián Rivera Muñoz and Juan Sebastián Torres were captured and prosecuted.

The subjects in question would be the presumed members of the outlaw organization known as 'Los McClain', a criminal network especially dedicated to stealing motorcycles in various locations in the country's capital.

Thanks to the investigations carried out by members of the Attorney General's Office, these subjects would be responsible for the theft of a significant number of motorcycles. The localities in which the crime was committed the most, as established by the investigative entity, are Antonio Nariño, Rafael Uribe Uribe and Usme in the south of Bogotá.

Likewise, it was possible to establish the modus operandi of the criminal gang that has already been dismantled. These criminals approached the victims and used firearms or white weapons to threaten the motorcyclists with death.

Later, they stripped the citizens of their motorcycles, when they were already very fearful for their lives and preferred not to resist the theft.

The thieves denied their responsibility for the facts for which they are accused

After investigations carried out by units of the Attorney General's Office, the respective search and search procedures were carried out in the houses where the members of the criminal gang 'Los McClain' were located.

During these proceedings carried out by the judicial police, the authorities obtained theSeizure of two motorcycles for confiscation purposes.

According to the authorities, these motorcycles, apparently, were the ones the members used to travel to the aforementioned towns in Bogotá in this note and committing the robberies.

For the facts in question, the Attorney General's Office charged the defendants as allegedly responsible for the crimes of qualified and aggravated theft in competition with concert for aggravated crime.

Despite the probative material presented by the accusing body, the alleged members of the criminal gang did not accept the charges, that is, they denied their responsibility in the facts investigated by the authorities of the country's capital.< /p>

At the request of the Prosecutor's Office, a guarantee control judge ordered that the defendants be deprived of their liberty in a prison.

Insecurity in Bogotá: theft from persons became the most common crime

Bogota citizens have felt more insecure in 2022, according to the results of the Bogotá Perception and Victimization Survey (EPV) carried out by the city's Chamber of Commerce.

Compared to the figures obtained a year ago in the same study, citizen perception of insecurity decreased by eleven percentage points, after in the post-pandemic year it reached a 88% in this same survey and during the year in which the social outbreak was carried out due to the national strike derived from the protests over the tax reform promoted by the former Minister of Finance Alberto Carrasquilla in the government of Iván Duque Márquez .

Although the city is going through moments of uncertainty due to the harassment of women in the TransMilenio, the motorcycle thieves and alleged pique houses that would be operating in the town of Chapinero, the study identified the unsafe places in the capital and the circumstances in which people do not feel safe on the street.

Chapinero (57%), Teusaquillo (55%) and La Candelaria (50%) are the locations that people consider the safest.

Regarding the perception of insecurity in the city, discriminated by the locations where it has increased the most The following stand out: Engativá (84%), Antonio Nariño (82%), San Cristóbal (80%) and Puente Aranda (80%).