Discrepancies due to economic issues, the origin of the confrontation. 

Discrepancies due to economic issues, the origin of the confrontation. 

Verónica Ojeda and Claudia Villafañe, ex-partners of the star Diego Armando Maradona, had an intersection on the air in a TV program in Argentina, for economic issues.

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Ojeda was interviewed on the program but when she made accusations against Maradona's first wife and her daughters, the production located Villafañe, so the two women were confronted on the air, on the C5N program Argenzuela.

The dispute revolves around discrepancies with contracts related to the image of the former Argentine soccer player.

A few days ago, Mario Baudry, Verónica Ojeda's current partner and her son's lawyer, Dieguito Fernando, accused Claudia Villafañe, Dalma Maradona and Gianinna Maradona for the lack of two million dollars in a Diego Maradona account in Switzerland.

In addition, Baudry denounced that Dalma, Gianinna and Claudia had collected 80 thousand dollars each for attending the Maradona Cup and denounced alleged irregularities in those agreements.

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Discrepancies over economic issues ;micos, the origin of the confrontation. 

While Veronica made her accusations in the interview, Claudia came online, and the confrontation began.

Claudia began in a soft tone saying that she didn't know what was going on.
“They call me to tell me things that Veronica says that are not true.”

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Then Veronica attacked: “We're off to a bad start, you're lying, you're always Teresa of Calcutta, you don't do anything… papers are here that 5 lawyers have”.

“When the boys were sharing things, we were together and everything was fine with all the lawyers. I don't know what happened now. Everything was fine with all the lawyers, until Mario Baudry appeared the other day and said that I got paid, with Dalma and Gianinna, 80 thousand dollars in Arabia. I don't know where that lie came from. I swear to my grandchildren,” Claudia replied.

There was also discussion about a contract apparently signed in Europe by Dalma and Giannina, for a wine brand. “They contacted me and I passed the contact to the lawyers so they could see the deal. They didn't sign any, only Dalma and Giannina signed, but they didn't charge a peso,” Claudia said.

Veronica said that for Doing business with Maradona's firm must always be agreed by the majority of the heirs, that is, three of the five children.

The discussion lasted several minutes and ended in shouting, tension and even legal threats.


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