Discreet game on the first day of the League. 

América de Cali tied 0-0 away against Envigado, on the first date of the second semester of the Colombian league, at the Polideportivo Sur stadium.

The scarlet team was very discreet in the offensive zone and could only generate a few options against the Antioqueños.

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The commitment in the first moments of the first half was quite even from midfield and with some incursions by both teams with shots deflected or without danger for the goalies. The most important was a long-distance shot by Daniel Quiñones that went wide.

Minutes passed and the local team began to have more possession of the ball and kept insisting on the search for the goal.

At minute 35, the Scarlets generated a new arrival with a center-shot from David Lemos, which goalkeeper Santiago Londoño had to send to a corner kick.

For the second half, Envigado was the one who moved the ball, but at minute 52 América had a very clear option in a quick counterattack with Juan Camilo Portilla who assisted Adrián Ramos, the forward advanced several meters, he was hand in hand with Londoño, It took a while to define and the goalkeeper won the duel.

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Envigado responded with a shot Daniel Londoño, but passed over Joel Graterol's horizontal.

After the 70th minute, the game was getting more emotional at times with a back and forth, especially because they continued to refresh the teams in each of the lines of play.

Around the 80th minute, América became more animated and had two very clear opportunities with a header by John García that the goalkeeper controlled in two counts and then by Carlos Sierra with a shot.

On the next day of League II-2022, Envigado will visit Deportivo Pasto, while América will play Deportivo Pereira, but the match is postponed because Pascual Guerrero is busy organizing the Women's Copa América 2022.

Juan Andrés Arias Arias
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
On Twitter: @AriasJuan_15

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