Discos Fuentes launches its 14 Cañonazos Bailables accompanied by an album of 'monas'

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The emblematic Colombian tropical music label put up for sale on its website this unique album of sheets, where they review 88 years of experience

Discos Fuentes releases its 14 Danceable Cannonshots accompanied by an album of ‘monas’

For the 62nd edition of their '14 Cañonazos Bailables', Discos Fuentes decided to pay tribute to football on its cover and publish an album paying homage to its most emblematic artists

Source DiscsIt ended up going down in the history of Colombian music as one of the labels that did the most to define it and give it a commercial boost to the point of marking one generation after another with classics that simply do not go out of style. Especially in December.

Founded in Cartagena in 1934 by Antonio Fuentes, it was in charge of launching the career of, among others, Lucho Bermúdez, before finalizing its moved to Medellin in 1954. There, the label would be essential first to shape the boom of tropical music with Los Hispanos, Los Graduados, La Sonora Dinamita, Los Corraleros de Majagual and Grupo Miramar, and later projecting careers of more varied artists, including artists as disparate as Joe Arroyo , The Latin Brothers, Alfredo Gutierrez, Kraken, Altered States, Lucas Arnau, Jhonny Rivera or Mike Bahía among many others who over the years have defined in one way or another the multiple ways of understanding Colombian music.

When the first edition of the ‘14 Danceable Gunshots’, the first compilation released in Colombia and focused on dance music, no one at Discos Fuentes imagined that it would mark the holiday season in the country, or that its legacy would endure for so many generations. Because the only thing certain is that it has survived the great changes in the music industry both locally and internationally. With the revivalism of vinyl, the most dedicated collectors and music lovers still remember with nostalgia its publication on acetate, with seven songs on each side that guaranteed continuity in the living rooms of Colombian homes while everyone danced and chatted without worrying about changing the music.

They have also kept a custom, more questionable in recent times, of using beautiful and voluptuous women on the covers. Although the label no longer releases compilation albums in the traditional way, it keeps the idea applied to other products that, in turn, link to playlists on Spotify compiling the songs chosen by the label. In fact, for the 62nd edition, recently published, they chose to launch an album of cute girls in parallel.

In times when soccer fever grows more and more before the imminent start of the Qatar World Cup 2022, Discos Fuentes chose to pay tribute to this sport on the cover, also showing some timing with the achievements of the Colombian women's team in the last semester.

Discos Fuentes releases its 14 Danceable Cannonshots accompanied by an album of ‘monas’

The album and the 'monas' can be obtained through the Discos Fuentes website

Entitled ‘Musical History of Discos Fuentes’, expresses through its pages and plates one of the greatest catalogs of Colombian music of all time, recalling in a very original way the best of the music that has passed through the label in its 88 years of existence. The album is divided into musical categories and groups, with sections devoted entirely to groups such as La Sonora Matancera or Los Corraleros de Majagual, and others thematically such as 'Los Clásicos del Vallenato' or 'The Kings of December'. In each category, users will find a QR code that will take them to hidden playlists dedicated to each section.

The album of monas arrives simultaneously with volume 62 of Los 14 Cañonazos Bailables, in which features artists such as Adriana Lucía, Los Corraleros de Majagual, Luis Mateus, Mauro Mosquera, Fruko, Afrosound and Los 50 de Joselito, among others.

< p class="paragraph">Both the album and the envelopes with the 'monitas' can be purchased through the Discos Fuentes website.