DIRECT. OM – OL: OM lead against Lyon, the match live

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“LIVE. OM – OL: OM lead against Lyon, the match live”

DIRECT. OM - OL: OM lead against Lyon, the match live

OM-OL. Marseille lead against; Lyon in this Olympico thanks to; a signed goal Leg, at the end of the first period. Live score and goals, result, summary… Experience the shock of the 14th day of Ligue 1 between Marseille and Lyon live from the V&élodrome stadium.

LIVE. OM - OL : OM lead against Lyon, the match live

Olympique Marseille 1 : 0< /strong> Leg, Samuel 43’ – Olympic Marseille

LIVE. OM - OL: OM lead against Lyon, the match live

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22:32 – Lopes defeats Guendouzi

Mattéo Guendouzi manages to accelerate full axis and pierces the middle of Lyon. He relies on Alexis Sanchez who makes a good comeback but the OM midfielder does not manage to save. deceive Lopes, author of a superb exit in front of him.

22:30 – The head of Alexis Sanchez for OM

Dimitri Payet re ;alizes a superb technical gesture to serve Clauss in depth on the right. The French side manages to cross for Alexis Sanchez but the Chilean fails to clear; frame his powerful head! He blames himself…

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22:27 – OM: Payet makes his entry

Jordan Veretout seems touched; behind the thigh and asked to go out. Igor Tudor decides to bring Dimitri Payet into; its place, for the greatest pleasure of the Velodrome.

22:23 – OL will push at the end of the match

The Lyonnais will throw themselves at the end of the match. the attack in this end of the match and already occupy half of OM field while there are still ten minutes to go. to play. The Marseillais have decided; to try to maintain this result.

22:20 – OL: White makes two changes

Laurent Blanc makes two changes at once. new. Tetê and Cherki come into play at instead of Caqueret and Lepenant respectively. Two attacking choices from the OL coach for the last quarter of an hour.

22:18 – OM get a corner

Olympique de Marseille secures a corner at the edge of the last quarter of an hour on the side left. Jordan Veretout crosses… too hard and sends the ball straight out of goal on the other side.

22:15 – Nice outing from Lopes

On a good cross worked; from Nuno Tavares, Anthony Lopes comes out far from his goal line to grab the ball just in front of Harit. Superb from the OL goalkeeper, who also ensures the recovery behind.

22:12 – OL: Boateng, injured, is replaced

Jerome Boateng, who seems to be limping, leaves the lawn of the Velodrome and is replaced. by Diomandé in the central defense of OL, for the last 20 minutes of the match.

22:10 – Laurent Blanc wants more

Olympique Lyonnais coach Laurent Blanc looks frustrated. of the performance of its players at the moment and asks for more from; his team, which is struggling to quickly project forward.

22:06 – Toko Ekambi's strike for OL

Karl Toko Ekambi finds himself in a good position in the OM area and unleashes a powerful shot but OM goalkeeper Pau Lopez deflects to his right. Good opportunity spoiled for OL.

22:03 – OM: Leg and Ünder replaced

Samuel Gigot has tried; but he can't go on and seems to have a hard time. see correctly. The OM defender, the only scorer of the evening so far, is replaced. by Kolasinac. Mattéo Guendouzi also comes into play, the place of Cengiz Ünder.

9:59 p.m. ten

Mr. Letexier relaunched the game at the Vélodrome between Marseille and Lyon, while OM are at the ten against eleven since Samuel Gigot is having a bandage put on his head for the moment.

21:58 – The game at; again arrested at the Velodrome

Mr. Letexier has again stopped the game at the V'lodrome stadium between OM and OL. Samuel Gigot and Jordan Veretout, him again, collided; head to head and both players are bleeding.

21:55 – Play resumes at the Velodrome

Mr. Letexier decided not to sanction the Lyon player guilty of the big sole on Jordan Veretout, well marked; at calf level. The game resumes between OM and OL at the Vélodrome.

9:53 p.m. new

Jordan Veretout remains on the ground after involuntarily taking a sole from a Lyon defender who wanted to clear the ball. Mr. Letexier stops the game so that the Marseille midfielder gets treatment, while his sock is torn.

21:51 – Already; a corner for OM

Olympique de Marseille gets a corner at the start of the second half and Cengiz Ünder hits it very well but the ball goes through the middle of all players. OL can breathe.

21:49 – OL: White makes two changes

As one might expect, Laurent Blanc decided to to make two changes as soon as the resumption. Reine-Adelaïde and Toko Ekambi entered the game, respectively at the place of Aouar and Demb&élé;lé.

21:48 – Start of the 2nd period

The kick-off of the 2nd half has just been given; by the referee of the match, àgrave; Marseilles. The score is 1-0.

21:43 – Reine-Adelaïde and Toko Ekambi at; the warm-up

Will Laurent Blanc make any changes as soon as the second period resumes? The coach of Olympique Lyonnais has in any case sent heat up with intensity; two players: Karl Toko Ekambi and Jeff Reine-Adelaïde.

21:39 – OL-Gusto: "An avoidable goal"

Olympique Lyonnais is led to half-time on the lawn of the Vélodrome by Olympique de Marseille (1-0), since the goal of Samuel Gigot at the end of the first period (44th). A goal that OL side Malo Gusto struggles to achieve. digest: "The goal could have been avoided, on set piece. We know it's a complicated match, we try to do as we can, he explained. at the microphone of Amazon Prime Video. Now we have to be more offensive and sharper in both parts of the field."

21:33 – Francois Letexier whistles the half-time at the Orange Vélodrome

At the end of this first round, possession of the ball is slightly in favor of Olympique Marseille (58% against 42% for Olympique Lyonnais), which leads to the score (1-0) . However, both teams created just as many chances in front of goal with 1 shots on target each.

21:32 – The free kick direct from Caqueret!

OL get a well-placed free kick! in this end of the first period. Maxence Caqueret takes care of hitting him and aims for the top corner of the Marseille goal but Pau Lopez deflects with a firm hand!

21:31 – One minute of added time

Mr. Letexier allows one minute of additional time in this first period between OM and OL at the V'lodrome, which roars with pleasure since Samuel Gigot's goal a few moments ago.

9:30 p.m. – Gigot capsizes the V&é;lodrome

The Marseillais take the advantage at the end of the first period! On a new corner, very well hit; at the near post, Samuel Gigot is ahead of Moussa Dembélé before uncrossing his head to deceive Anthony Lopes, who can't do anything. 1-0 for OM against Lyon after 44 minutes of play!

21:29 – Samuel Gigot unlocks the counters at the end of the game! Marseille (1-0)!

Samuel Gigot launches hostilities for Olympique Marseille at; the 43rd minute of play in this 1st period. This OM – Lyon is now on track: here we are. to 1 to 0 at Orange Vélodrome!


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