DIRECT. Lorient – PSG: Neymar takes advantage of an error to open the scoring, follow the match live

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“LIVE. Lorient – PSG: Neymar takes advantage of an error to open the scoring, follow the match live”

LIVE. Lorient - PSG: Neymar takes advantage of an error to open the scoring, follow the match live

Lorient – PSG. Further to; the error of the Lorient goalkeeper, Neymar is served by Hakimi and plays the defense to open the scoring after a very intense start to the match this Sunday, November 6th.

LIVE. Lorient - PSG : Neymar takes advantage of an error to open the scoring, follow the match live

FC Lorient 0 :  1 Neymar 9’ – Paris Saint Germain

LIVE. Lorient - PSG: Neymar takes advantage of an error to open the scoring, follow the match live

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1:31 p.m. – What an opportunity for Ekitike

Achraf Hakimi crosses towards Neymar who controls and delivers to Hugo Ekitike but the young French striker takes off too much of his strike. 

13:30 – Waste in the Hake game

For several minutes in this Lorient – PSG, the locals have been struggling to; come out as they wish and make too many technical errors to confuse the Parisian dry cleaners. 

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13:28 – Mannone intervenes

On a good cross from Mbappé at the far post, Sergio Ramos places his header but Vito Mannone makes a fine save. 

13:26 – Good defense from Marquinhos

On an ultra-fast transition in this Lorient – PSG, Terem Moffi enters the area but Marquinhos forces him to stop. steal his strike. 

13:23 – The Hakes are trying to get out cleanly

FC Lorient strives to come out cleanly in this meeting despite the big pressing of the Parisians. 

13:19 – Mannone wins

Neymar gives a long ball into the opposing area but Vito Mannone realizes his first outing in this Lorient – PSG and reassures himself with a good ball grip. 

13:16 – PSG settles

After this goal, the Parisians gradually began to improve. settle in half opposition field in this Lorient – PSG. 

13:12 – Mvogo must leave

After his terrible mistake, Mvogo must leave because it seems injured after a clash with his teammate Bonké Innocent. Vito Mannone returns home its place in this Lorient – PSG.

13:10 – Mvogo's error

The opening of the score in this Lorient – PSG comes after an error by Mvogo which was in a hurry very high by Neymar. The Lorient goalkeeper also seems to be in pain after a clash with Innocent. 

13:09 – Opener for Paris Saint-Germain (0-1)!

Neymar unlocks the counters for Paris Saint-Germain at the 9th minute of play in this 1st half. This Lorient – PSG is now on track: we are 0 to 1 at the Stade du Moustoir!

1:08 p.m. – Le Fée strikes

Another opportunity in this Lorient – PSG. Terem Moffi set back towards Le Fée but the Lorient midfielder crushes his shot which ends up in Donnarumma's gloves. 

13:07 – Superb save by Mvogo

The Parisian reaction in this Lorient – PSG! Mbappé finds Neymar in the area who takes over in first intention but Mvogo springs perfectly in the feet of the Brazilian. 

13:06 – Marquinhos releases

After a good overflow from Le Bris in the penalty area, Marquinhos is forced to leave. to clear. The Parisians suffer in this start of Lorient – PSG. 

13:05 – A third corner

Definitely the Parisians find it difficult to get out of this situation. Marquinhos pushes back and concedes a third corner in a row. 

13:05 – A new corner

The Lorient people continue and obtain a second consecutive corner in this Lorient – PSG after a blocked shot from Le Bris. 

13:03 – Lorient gets a corner

The Lorient people get into action and get a corner after Ouattara's counter cross. This is the first corner kick of this Lorient – PSG. 

13:02 – A first cross

The first cross of this Lorient – PSG is signed Kylian Mbappe. Mvogo seizes it without any problem.

13:01 – Start of the match Lorient – PSG!

The kick off of this meeting between FC Lorient and Paris Saint-Germain was given by Benoit Bastien, at the Stade du Moustoir.

12:55 – Kick-off in five minutes

The kick-off of this Lorient – PSG should to be given in five minutes now. The two teams return to the lawn of the Yves-Allainmat stadium. 

12:49 – PSG's mixed week

If the people of Lorient are not in great confidence before this Lorient – PSG, the Parisians have had a fairly mixed week. Moved last week by a valiant team from Troyes, Paris got away with it (4-3) before winning in the middle of the week against Paris. Juve (2-1). Despite this success, the men of Christophe Galtier finished second in their group as Benfica won with five clear goals passing in extremis in front of the players of the capital. 

12:42 – A more complicated period for Les Merlus

Even if the Lorient have an incredible start to the season, they will play this Lorient – PSG with a little less confidence only a few weeks ago. Indeed, the men of Régis Le Bris have not been successful for three days after two draws and a defeat. Their last victory dates back to October 9, 2022. 

12:35 – PSG solid at; outside

Before this Lorient – PSG, the Parisians posted impressive statistics and in particular at the end of the season. away as they haven't lost on the road for 11 games with 9 wins and 2 draws. Since the start of the season, PSG have been the best team to win. outside. 

12:28 – Lorient is a team that hangs on

If FC Lorient is also well placed; At the start of the Ligue 1 season, it's certainly because Régis Le Bris' players never give up. Indeed, the Hakes have 8 points after having been led in scoring this season. The Bretons will certainly use this statistic for this Lorient – PSG if they come to France. to be abused. 

12:21 – Galtier's praises

Before this Lorient – PSG, Christophe Galtier showered his opponent of the day with praise, who is 4th with 27 points: " a very rhythmic match. It's a lively, alert, technical team, which likes to have the ball, which has a very elaborate game. with a lot of movements, changes of zones between one and the other. This is a team that will want to put a lot of pressure at the start and pace, who can imagine that we are tired. or very tired."

12:14 – "It's a shock", says Régis Le Bris

The coach lorientais did not hesitate to to talk about shock for this Lorient – PSG despite the difference between the two clubs who did not aim for the same goals in the league at the start of the season: " we encounter an adversary of exceptional caliber. With players of an incredible level. Ç has created for the Lorient public, for the media who observe the club, and for the players, I would even say the staff, a craze that is necessarily very important. It’s exciting to play this type of game, to meet this type of footballer, this type of team. So I see it mostly from that angle."


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