DIRECT. Juventus – PSG: Annoyed Galtier, Mbappé's incredible goal, video summary

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“LIVE. Juventus – PSG: Annoyed Galtier, Mbappé's incredible goal, the video summary”

Juventus Turin 1  : 2Mbappe, Kylian 13’ – Paris Saint-GermainBonucci, Leonardo 39’ – Juventus TurinMendes, Nuno 69’ – Paris Saint-Germain

LIVE. Juventus - PSG: Galtier annoyed, Mbappé's incredible goal, video summary

Paris Saint-Germain

The summary of the match

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11:20 – Allegri: "We can only be pissed off"

"When you go out on the pitch and you come out beaten, you can only be pissed off. Afterwards, in the content of the service, there were good things. But they are players against whom nothing should be missed. We have lost five times in six matches, we can only be pissed off, we will not be able to compete with the best" launched the Italian technician.

10:50 – 5th time that Paris finished 2nd in its group

The Parisian club has finished for the fifth time in its history at second place in a Champions League group, for a balanced record; of two qualifications and two eliminations then in the round of 16.

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10:20 – Marquinhos, "a little pissed off"

"A bit of both (irritated with 2nd place or happy with the win.) "We were definitely happy with the work we did. But it's sure that we also have things to do. improve to continue to improve; growing up. Afterwards, the first phase is important but the Champions League is played in the second. We have seen second teams which have been champions.

09:50 – Bayern, the most likely opponent for Paris

 Bayern Munich are the team on which PSG are most likely to fall in the round of 16 (18.1%). Next come Naples (17%), City and Tottenham (14.2%) then Chelsea (13.9%). These probabilities realized by the account @MisterChip, s’explain in particular by the fact that it’s impossible to come across a club from the same country, which reduces the possibilities for Bayern Munich (Leipzig, Dortmund and Frankfurt finished second) and Napoli (Inter and AC Milan finished runners-up).

09:25 – Mbappé : "We didn't know"

"During the match, we didn't know. À the end, they tried to warn us. But that was the end. It does not matter, we are qualified. We came to do the work, çit is not enough. We'll watch the draw and we'll play to win" launched the French.

09:00 – PSG's possible opponents in the round of 16

By ending at; second place in their Champions League group, PSG are making it harder for the round of 16, here are the potential opponents: Naples, Porto, Bayern Munich, Tottenham, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester City .

08:50 – The anger of Christophe Galtier (2/2)

"I think tonight was irrational. But I'm going to open a parenthesis that I'm going to close very quickly. Leading 7-2 last week, we stopped to play at; the 90th minute. It’s also çhas the details. Another detail is also to have conceded too many goals from set pieces in this competition and if we had taken one less, we would be in the round of 16 with first place" blamed the French technician at a press conference.

08:34 – The anger of Christophe Galtier (1/2)

"Obviously we were aware of this regulation and that there was this possibility. to lose a place on the number of goals scored in outside. Up to the 90th, we were first. At the 92nd, we find ourselves second. Congratulations to Benfica, they put in a great performance. We will calmly wait for the draw, my players have done the job and have been very serious in this Champions League" explained Christophe Galtier at a press conference.

00:14 – Thank you and good night

Thanks to; all and to all for accompanying us to follow Paris Saint-Germain's new Champions League victory against Juventus Turin.

00:04 – Paris can shake

By losing the lead in Group H, Paris Saint-Germain will have no protection in the draw for the round of 16, scheduled for next week. on November 7, and will be offered one of the teams that finished first. Here are the potential opponents of PSG: Napoli, Porto, Bayern Munich, Tottenham, Chelsea, Real Madrid or Manchester City.

00:00 – The final classification of Group H

If Benfica and Paris Saint-Germain have obtained the two tickets for the knockout stages of the Champions League, Juventus Turin, taking advantage of the heavy defeat of Maccabi Haïfa qualifies for the Europa League, when the Israelis, good last, say goodbye to Europe. Here is the final standings of Group H at; After the 6 days: 1. Benfica – 14 pts/2. Paris Saint-Germain – 14 pts/3. Juventus Turin – 6 pts (-4)/4. Maccabi Haïfa – 6 pts (-14 ).

02/11/22 – 23:55 – Paris à; who wins loses, the summary du match

LIVE. Juventus - PSG: Galtier annoyed, Mbappé's incredible goal, video summary

Everything was going according to plan, everything had been more or less well done. Paris led to Turin and managed his end of the match as he should as a meticulous and diligent manager. Then we saw gesticulations on the Parisian bench, a sudden panic. The rumor coming from Israel had reached the Parisians. On the shores of the Mediterranean, Benfica had just scored a sixth goal thanks to Joao Mario and at the same time take the lead of Group H. Then Galtier harangued his players, made great gestures to rush to the the collision but it was already too late. Donnarumma cleared his camp and the referee whistled the end, that of the match and of Parisian hopes. Admittedly, the PSG had already his ticket in his pocket for the round of 16 but he knew the challenge of finishing first to avoid a bad surprise in the draw. And he had done everything necessary to protect himself from such an eventuality.

Indeed, suffocated at the start of the match by the formidable pressure of Turinese unleashed and pushed by their public, the Parisians had managed to loosen the Italian grip when shortly before the quarter of an hour, Mbappé opened the score. An authentic individual feat from the attacker who deposited on a step Gatti who in desperation tried to hold him back by the shorts, before transplanting, avoiding Locatelli's tackle and rolling up a hits low to the right post. Once again, Paris could say thank you to; his soloist, always ready to relieve a collective in difficulty; and soon private of Fabian Ruiz, injured. Then the champion of France seemed to take the measure of his adversary. Finally a time because the Old Lady is proud and has raised her head in the wake of an omnipresent Locatelli. The Italian was at the maneuver on the equalizer, switching the game to right of a transverse on Cuadrado who with a diving header found Bonucci at 6 meters, after Donnarumma was holed up. Juventus had returned to height thanks to; his captain and caught himself hope for better. This improvement quickly collided with reality, like Chiesa, back after 10 months and acclaimed like a hero, who impaled Sergio Ramos in the box and claimed a penalty in vain. After the hour of play, Paris took over the reins, Nuno Mendes blasting the locals after a long run, on a serve from Mbappé behind Cuadrado. The Portuguese side touched there; his first ball, entered; just 50 seconds ago. A winning coaching from Christophe Galtier anxious to restore momentum to a too static team.

The score wouldn't budge and that suited the Parisians perfectly until added time. Perhaps they will regret not having looked for it. to score more but did they even have the means tonight? Not obvious as he will have missed; binder in the game, technical accuracy and movements, Mbappé being the only one to really offer races and àgrave; make a difference. Despite a half-hearted performance, PSG still left Turin with a victory, which no French club before him had managed. Small consolation compared to the initial plan which went off the rails. in the last moments.

02/11/22 – 23:25 – A French premiere

Never in history has a club français had not managed to win on the lawn of Juventus Turin. In achieving this, Paris Saint-Germain have achieved a small feat to scale of French football.

02/11/22 – 23:23 – An invincibility; preserved

Even though he saw the head of Group H eluded him; by no means, Paris Saint-Germain did not lose everything in this game. Turin. By winning against Juventus (2-1), he stretched; his unbeaten streak to 29 matches in all competitions. The champion of France has not lost since moving to Monaco last March (0-3).

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