Diesel dviguny came up with a squirrel – Motorcar

Diesel dviguny came up with a squirrel – Motorcar

The American company Remora has developed a new technology to position itself as a leader in diesel engines. Important diesel commercial vehicles have always been an important element in logistics, but even wikidi are satisfied with the suttivimi for the necessary medium. Tim is not less, electrifying the vantage is quite foldable, vahovuyuchi vikliki z dalnіstyu vantageopіdёmnіstyu.

Company Remora, which is headquartered in Michigan (USA), has developed a number of nozzles, which are called diesel engines. A little more than a little more than that, making it obvious and small, I catch carbon dioxide from the exhaust pipes of the fittings.

Diesel tank

Diesel engines were given an alignment – Motorcar

The – Motorcar alignment was invented for diesel engines

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The system, expanded by Remora, allows you to capture and save carbon dioxide, which is seen from the exhaust system of ventilation, for a distant sale like a by-product of other industries. In this way, carbon dioxide gas is recycled and, most importantly, wikidi is not released into the atmosphere.

The company has already begun operating the first outbuildings for the first stage of testing in the parks of retrofits in the United States. We can build up to wobbly pipes and catch 80% of carbon dioxide.

Great fleets can quickly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and in this way eliminate corporate goiters in a simple, swedish and inexpensive way.

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The other primary factor of the new Remora technology is that carbon dioxide injections can be sold to various industries, such as concrete makers. It is important to note that CO2 can accumulate too much. A lot of products, as we hopefully can today, require carbon dioxide for their production.

Technology principle

The – Motorcar alignment was invented for diesel engines

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Whirlwind gases are passed through an absorbent, which can be microscopically large enough to capture carbon dioxide molecules. Nitrogen and oxygen, as well as other gases, can pass through the pores and enter the atmosphere. Can you roughly describe how a filter that traps CO2 from a swirling current.

Just as an absorbent is filled with carbon dioxide, it heats up, or it swells and sees carbon dioxide. In this manner, a clean stream of carbon dioxide will come out, which can be saved on board the vantazhivka until the moment of її rozvantazhennya. The process, which, according to the words of the company, can be done for approximately 15 hvilin.

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