Died singer Yuri Shatunov

Died singer Yuri Shatunov

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 Singer Yuri Shatunov died

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In Russia, the popular singer Yuri Shatunov died at the age of 49. This is reported by the Russian media.
The artist was vacationing with his manager in the suburbs. There he became ill. Shatunov was brought by car to a polyclinic in the village of Rastunovo. There it became clear that hospitalization was necessary. He died in intensive care at 00:20 from an acute myocardial infarction.
Yuri Shatunov was the lead singer of the Russian group Laskovy May. Many people know him as a performer of the hits "White Roses", "Gray Night", "Well, what are you & hellip;", "Melting Snow" and other hits.

Shatunov was born on September 6, 1973 in the city of Kumertau. He had a difficult childhood because of his alcoholic stepfather. He lost his parents early. As a result, for a whole year since November 1984, he wandered around Bashkiria and the Orenburg region.

In the boarding school, Yuri met the head of the amateur art circle, Sergei Kuznetsov. From that moment on, the history of the Tender May group began, which won the hearts of many people in the USSR and the post-Soviet space.

The group included Vyacheslav Ponomarev – bass guitar, Sergey Serkov – light music. The first successful concerts of the group were at discos in the boarding school and the local recreation center Orbita. The band's first album was recorded in 1988.

In 1989 Andrey Razin became the leader of the band. The group was so popular that the number of concerts reached eight per day and more than forty per month. The departure of Shatunov in 1991 put an end to the team.

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