'Dibu' Martínez gave his opinion about Redmayne, Australia's goalkeeper: “He did it perfectly well” | VIDEO

'Dibu' Martínez gave his opinion about Redmayne, Australia's goalkeeper: “He did it perfectly well” | VIDEO

The Argentine goalkeeper gave his opinion on what Andrew Redmayne did during the penalty shootout against Peru, for the World Cup playoff

‘Dibu’ Martínez weighed in on Australia goalkeeper Redmayne: “He did perfectly well” | VIDEO

'Dibu' Martínez has seventeen games with the Argentina senior team shirt. (Photo: AFP)/

A week has passed since the defeat of the Peruvian team on penalties against Australia in the World Cup playoffs. In that definition, Andrew Redmayne, 'Socceroos' goalkeeper, was one of the protagonists: for the peculiar movements before the Peruvians' shots and for throwing some notes from Pedro Gallese.

Redmayne's performance generated a ton of comments. One of the most recent reactions was from Emiliano Martínez, an Argentine goalkeeper better known as 'Dibu'.

“It is his technique and his tactics. He qualified for the World Cup, I saw that they have criticized him for doing that, for throwing the bottle at Gallese. The truth is, they are techniques at the moment and, today, Australia is in the World Cup”, declared Martínez on ESPN, when asked about his appreciation of Redmayne.

'Dibu' Martínez, who plays for Aston Villa in the Premier League, also confessed that these are actions that he would not carry out, but he did not dare to disapprove either.

“These are things that I wouldn't do, but maybe what I did too, there are archers who would say 'I wouldn't do it either'. I have nothing with the Australian goalkeeper, he did what he had to do to send his country to the World Cup. For me, he did it perfectly well”, he pointed out.

Among other things, the 29-year-old athlete highlighted the level current Argentina national team. “They said that we needed to play with some European and we had that thorn. We played against Italy, the European champions, and the way we did that gives us a plus. Argentina plays soccer very well, in all the lines we are very even. We have 10 (Lionel Messi) who makes the difference, but there are no loose lines”, he said.