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ep Ce DHQ intervenes as union suspends provide of cattles, foodstuffs to South-West – Punch Newspapers - The Times Hub

DHQ intervenes as union suspends provide of cattles, foodstuffs to South-West – Punch Newspapers

DHQ intervenes as union suspends provide of cattles, foodstuffs to South-West – Punch Newspapers

Friday Olokor, Adelani Adepegba, Tope Omogbolagun and Tunde Oyekola

The Amalgamated Union of Foodstuff and Cattle Sellers of Nigeria has commenced an indefinite strike, following the failure of the federal government to handle the alleged killings of its members in components of the nation.

The union can be stopping its members from shifting cattle and foodstuffs to the southern a part of the nation.

Various trailers transporting cows, tomatoes, onions, pepper, grains and different commodities had been prevented from leaving a border city in Niger State to the southern a part of the nation on Friday.

A video of a protracted line of trailers stopped by the union had circulated on social media.

The vehicles, reportedly conveying agricultural items owned by Fulani cattle retailers, had been reportedly stopped from coming into the Jebba city, Kwara State border city with Niger State on their approach to the South-West on Thursday.

One among our correspondents gathered that the stoppage won’t be unconnected with the specter of the nationwide physique of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Affiliation of Nigeria to cease its members from supplying and promoting cattle to the South if the alleged eviction of Fulani herdsmen was effected by some governors.

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It was learnt that in compliance with the menace, truckloads of cattle and foodstuffs, together with tomatoes, pepper, onions and beans, had been prevented from coming into Kwara State on the Jebba border with Niger State on Thursday.

Talking with one in every of our correspondents on the event on Friday, the Monetary Secretary of the AUFCDN, Kabiru Salisu, stated a process drive arrange by the union was implementing the stArike in Niger State and different areas.

He stated the federal government had not reached out to the union on its calls for, therefore the strike which he stated was indefinite.

Salisu stated, “There’s a process drive that we set as much as implement the directive by the union that there could be no transportation of cattle and foodstuffs to the South with impact from Thursday. So, the union arrange the duty drive to forestall sabotage.

“Within the communiqué we issued, we stated the strike would begin yesterday (Thursday), and so, now we have began the strike. Now, there is no such thing as a loading of commodities to the South, however those that tried to violate the directive had been stopped in Niger State.”

Requested to react to a press release by the Defence Headquarters that it prevented “some unscrupulous parts” from stopping agricultural merchandise being taken to the southern a part of the nation, Salisu stated the difficulty didn’t concern the navy.

“What’s the navy’s enterprise with our difficulty? Now we have despatched our directive and now we have no difficulty with them. What’s their enterprise with us? Even when now we have an issue, it’s the police we’d invite and never the navy.”

“These automobiles stopped in Niger State are nonetheless there; they gained’t be allowed to maneuver to the South,” he vowed.

The union’s President, Muhammad Tahir, had complained throughout a press briefing final Sunday that foodstuff and cattle sellers had continued to undergo intimidation, humiliation and destruction of their items.

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He stated the union complained concerning the scenario to the Federal Authorities, safety providers and the Nationwide Meeting with out outcomes, stating that it could embark on a strike if nothing was achieved to cease the killing of its members.

Tahir demanded N450bn compensation from the federal government for the losses suffered by the union members and the dismantling of unlawful roadblocks on the highways.

Additionally, confirming the stoppage of cattle and foodstuffs to the South on Friday, the Coordinator of Miyetti Allah in Kwara State, Aliyu Mohammed, stated the event was true.

Mohammed additionally claimed that his members had been being killed.

“We aren’t doing something mistaken and but our individuals within the forests are being killed for no simply trigger,” he stated.

Nevertheless, the spokesperson for the state police command, Ajayi Okasanmi, stated the command was not conscious of such developments within the state.

In the meantime, leaders of Jebba neighborhood within the Moro Native Authorities Space of Kwara State have stated they’ll perform an eviction of all unregistered herdsmen locally on Sunday.

Talking with journalists in Ilorin on Friday, the son of the Oba of Jebba, Prince Ibrahim Adebara, stated the eviction directive could be carried out on some herdsmen who had been making an attempt to settle within the space after the ultimatum given to them had lapsed.

He stated, “On account of the actions of bandits, insurgents and kidnappers being chased from some neighbouring states, the neighborhood determined, with the assistance of a few of the recognized and registered herdsmen, to ask the brand new ones to depart.

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“Even those that had been residing with us stated they couldn’t vouch for the brand new settlers. So, they’re being requested to depart to keep up current peace. They’re staying at Mofara village in Jebba neighborhood right here. They are going to be pushed away on Sunday and they’re already conscious of that.”

In a associated improvement, the Niger State Sector Commandant of the Federal Highway Security Corps, Musa Mohammed, has stated the continued unrest on the Jebba-Mokwa street has nothing to do with an ethic conflict or political affiliations, however a disagreement between street transport unions.

When Saturday PUNCH reached out to the Niger State Police Public Relations Officer, Wasiu Abiodun, he stated he was not conscious of the scenario.

He stated he would discover out and get again to one in every of our correspondents. However he had but to as of press time.

Reacting to the difficulty on Friday, the Center Belt Discussion board described as unlawful the blockage of meals gadgets to the South from the North at a Jebba village in Niger State.

The President, MBF, Dr Pogu Bitrus, in a press release, stated, “For such individuals to dam meals gadgets being transported to the South from the North is just not solely prison but additionally meant to throw all the nation into chaos.

In the meantime, the Defence Headquarters stated it has restored order alongside Jebba-Kaduna street the place vehicles conveying agricultural merchandise from the North to the southern a part of the nation had been being prevented and turned again by some parts.

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The performing DHQ  spokesman, Brig. Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu, in a press release on Friday,  clarified  that following the stress generated by the incident, joint troops comprising the navy and different safety businesses had been deployed to clear the Jebba–Kaduna street and have since restored normalcy within the basic space.

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DHQ intervenes as union suspends provide of cattles, foodstuffs to South-West – Punch Newspapers



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