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e6 DF Developments on COVID-19 of January 24, 2021 - The Times Hub

Developments on COVID-19 of January 24, 2021

Developments on COVID-19 of January 24, 2021

Whether in Quebec or elsewhere on the planet, the COVID-19 pandemic has been disrupting our lives for several months.

Here you will find all the news throughout the day related to this crisis affecting the population, governments and the economy.



Case: 99 177 542
Dead: 2,129,134
Recovered: 54,716,688


Case: 25 124 064
Dead: 419,204


Ontario: 255,002 cases (5,803 deaths)

Quebec: 253,633 cases (9,478 deaths)

Alberta: 120,793 cases (1,549 deaths)

British Columbia: 63,484 cases (1,128 deaths)

Manitoba: 28,697 cases (799 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 22,177 cases (250 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 1,571 cases (65 deaths)

New Brunswick: 1,124 cases (13 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 398 cases (4 deaths)

Nunavut: 280 cases (1 death)

Prince Edward Island: 110 cases

Yukon: 70 cases (1 death)

Northwest Territories: 31 cases

Canadian returnees: 13 cases

Total: 748,106 cases (19,121 deaths)


22:48 | A relay that disturbs restaurateurs

A public health permit granted to a snowmobile relay in Saint-Jérôme serving meals and alcohol disturbs restaurateurs who are still obliged to keep their dining room closed.

Developments on COVID-19 of January 24, 2021

Courtesy photo

21:55 | Biden to reinstate US entry restrictions

President Joe Biden will re-impose a ban on entering the United States on Monday on most non-US citizens who have visited Britain, Brazil, Ireland and much of Europe, an official said of the White House.

Developments on COVID-19 of January 24, 2021


9:35 pm | COVID-19: delayed vaccination in private residences for seniors in Quebec

Vaccination against COVID-19 will not begin Monday as planned in private seniors’ residences in Quebec.

Developments on COVID-19 of January 24, 2021


19:41 | Mexican President positive for COVID-19

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, 67, announced on Sunday that he had tested positive for Covid-19, that his symptoms were mild and that he remained optimistic.

19:18 | Quebecers contracted COVID-19 in Mexico

Having left on a trip despite the recommendations of Public Health, Quebec tourists have caught COVID-19 in Mexico, which seriously spoils their vacations.

6:32 pm | Put love on pause after 8 p.m.

The pandemic and the health measures it entails are causing several problems for couples who do not live at the same address.

6:00 p.m. | Accused of selling fake COVID vaccine

A Washington state man has been arrested after selling a vaccine he created in his personal lab. He claimed his vaccine could fight COVID-19.

4:49 p.m. | A dreaded colchicine shortage

Even if the industry says it has planned the blow, doctors who prescribe colchicine for all kinds of inflammatory diseases are bracing for a shortage, should the efficacy of this drug against COVID-19 be confirmed.

Developments on COVID-19 of January 24, 2021

Courtesy photo

4:40 p.m. | 97-year-old Montrealer received two different vaccines

Due to a transfer from CHSLD, a 97-year-old woman received two doses of different vaccines, that of Moderna and that of Pfizer / BioNTech, over a period of two weeks.

Developments on COVID-19 of January 24, 2021


3:21 pm | A generous customer leaves a tip of $ 1,400

A generous customer at a Colorado restaurant left no less than $ 1,400 in tip for the team and left a message for the employees.

Developments on COVID-19 of January 24, 2021

3:19 pm | COVID-19: more than 4,000 new cases in Canada

Canada added more than 4,000 COVID-19 cases to its toll on Sunday, on the eve of the first anniversary of the arrival of the new coronavirus in the country.

13h53 | Three months between the two vaccines, too long a time according to English experts

The British Medical Association has warned of too long a delay between the injection of the first and the second dose of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine because, according to its experts, waiting too long could reduce its effectiveness .

13:32 | Clashes with police on the sidelines of anti curfew protests in the Netherlands

Clashes with the police and looting broke out on Sunday in several cities in the Netherlands on the sidelines of protests against the curfew in place since Saturday to fight the Covid-19 epidemic, according to Dutch media and local authorities .

12h52 | Rise in childhood obesity: “we have the elements of a perfect storm”

Pediatricians are concerned about a rise in obesity and overweight among young people due to the pandemic.

11:43 am | Illegal gathering: $ 55,600 in fines for 36 revelers

Some 36 revelers gathered in Mirabel will pay dearly for their evening of festivities after being visited by the police on Saturday evening.

11h00 | 1,457 new cases in Quebec

Quebec reports 1,457 additional cases and 41 deaths, bringing the total to 253,633 people infected and 9,478 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Yesterday, the province recorded 1,685 infections and 76 deaths.


– 253,633 people infected (+1457)

– 9,478 deaths (+41)

– 1,327 people hospitalized (-56)

– 219 people in intensive care (+3)

– 227,215 are restored

– The withdrawals carried out on January 22 amount to 33,719, for a total of 5,646,660

10:51 am | COVID-19: United States surpasses 25 million cases

The United States officially passed the 25 million COVID-19 case mark on Sunday since the start of the pandemic, a few days after the entry into office of Joe Biden who made the fight against this disease his priority.

10:45 am | COVID variants: much less time to develop a new vaccine

If the current COVID-19 vaccines prove ineffective against the various variants detected, the development of a new vaccine would take much less time.

9:21 am | A “ray of hope” with colchicine

Epidemiologist Nimâ Machouf sees the results of the colchicine study as a “glimmer of hope” that could eventually ease the pressure that the COVID-19 pandemic places on hospitals.

8:56 am | Sequencing, this essential tool for tracking COVID

To watch for changes in the coronavirus that could worsen the pandemic or make vaccines less effective, scientists must sequence its genome. But few countries carry out and share this laborious, complex and necessary surveillance.

8:18 am | COVID deaths and vaccines: no link established, but strict monitoring

Since the start of COVID vaccination campaigns, there have been reports of people dying after receiving an injection shortly beforehand in some countries.

7:31 am | The inspiring efforts of a school that does not shrink from the pandemic

While extracurricular activities have completely disappeared in several high schools this year, students in Beaupré near Quebec have access to twice as many activities as usual during the lunch hour.

Developments on COVID-19 of January 24, 2021

Photo Stevens LeBlanc

6:50 am | Germany to use treatment touted by Trump

Germany will become the first country in the European Union to use the experimental antibody-based treatment given to Donald Trump against the COVID-19 disease, Health Minister Jens Spahn announced on Sunday.

Developments on COVID-19 of January 24, 2021


6:09 am | Increased presence of the SPVM in Outremont and Plateau-Mont-Royal

Following the many illegal gatherings held since Friday evening, the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) has set up a security service to enforce the decree in the Outremont and Plateau-Mont-Royal sectors. .

6:02 am | Despite her 101 years, she defeats COVID

A 101-year-old lady from Quebec has defeated COVID-19 in recent weeks, beating the odds to the delight of her five children, who still can’t believe it.

Developments on COVID-19 of January 24, 2021

Courtesy photo

5:10 am | Race against time to find a bed in a shelter

The newspaper spent an evening roaming the streets of Montreal with a worker who accompanies homeless people in their search for emergency shelter. A few hours aboard the shuttle were enough to realize that it was almost impossible to find a bed after the 8 p.m. curfew.

Developments on COVID-19 of January 24, 2021


4h34 | Sequencing, this essential tool for tracking down the virus

To watch for changes in the coronavirus that could worsen the pandemic or make vaccines less effective, scientists must sequence its genome. But few countries carry out and share this laborious, complex and necessary surveillance.

4h00 | COVID deaths and vaccines: no link established but strict monitoring

Since the start of COVID vaccination campaigns, there have been reports of people dying after receiving an injection shortly beforehand in some countries. Examined closely, these deaths – very few – are not yet attributed to the vaccine.

3h30 | New Zealand registers first local case of COVID-19 in more than two months

New Zealand health authorities said on Sunday they had recorded their first local case of the new coronavirus in more than two months.

Developments on COVID-19 of January 24, 2021



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