Development Plan will be presented on November 15 to the National Planning Council: Alfonso Prada

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The Minister of the Interior was in charge of making a balance of the General Assembly of Government that is being held in the presidential house of Hato Grande, which has not yet ends

Development Plan will be presented on November 15 to the National Planning Council: Alfonso Prada

Minister Prada also indicated that the Development Plan will be presented to the Congress next February 7. Photo: Infopresidency, Twitter.

About 6:36 p.m. m. On November 4, the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, left the General Assembly of the Government, which President Gustavo Petro called at the presidential house in the Hato Grande hacienda, in Sopó (Cundinamarca), from early in the morning, to give a report on what has been discussed so far, because as Prada warned, the meeting continues behind closed doors.

Among the announcements made by Minister Prada, it stands out that the Development Plan, which has been one of the great topics of discussion during the General Assembly of Government, will be presented on November 15, when the first 100 days of the Petro government, before the National Planning Council, so that it can study it and make the pertinent observations, and then present it to the Congress of the Republic on February 7, 2023.

On the construction of the Development Plan, Minister Prada pointed out that the director of the National Department of the Presidency, Mauricio Lizcano, made a broad presentation on the five thematic axes that have been defined in the binding regional dialogues, in which, he assured, More than 120,000 Colombians have participated.

“Our national director made a presentation of the five thematic axes that are advancing, in a construction that is also unprecedented in Colombia, and it is with the participation, which we have reviewed today, of 120 thousand registered Colombians who have directly intervened at tables in each one of these thematic axes making contributions from each of the regions where we have had the opportunity to advance in social dialogue.”

Likewise, Prada took the opportunity to announce that the The next regional dialogue will be held on November 5 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. m. in Zipaquirá.

The Interior Minister also explained that President Petro gave guidelines and instructions so that the construction of the National Development Plan is done in complete harmony and in tune with the government program for which more than 11 million Colombians voted in the last elections.

“It is about the Development Plan being a plan for a Government of change, for a change in the State and in Colombian society, in which we fulfill each one of the commitments and promises that we made to Colombians at the head of Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez, and that will constitute a transformation in terms of land use planning around water. A fundamental transformation around the concept of human security and a dignified life. A transformation that will also be completely linked to total peace and the possibility that we develop a country of regions and from the regions.”

Regarding the participation of the more than 120,000 citizens in the regional dialogues, Prada warned that their conclusions are being systematized, “we are systematizing the conclusions, we are reviewing them and we are incorporating and clearly harmonizing them with the government program, which is the guiding line of this development plan.”

The minister also specified that the Development Plan will be the development plan for change and total peace, and for Colombia as a power of life , “We are deliberating along these lines, but the name, like everything else in this government, and today we have done it impeccably, we are in a democratic elaboration, listening to each other.”

Development Plan will be presented on November 15 to the National Planning Council: Alfonso Prada

The meeting of the high government takes place from the morning of Friday 4 November at the Hato Grande farm. Photo: Mauricio Lizcano, Twitter.

Likewise, he pointed out that although the entire country is waiting to see the results and the changes promised by the president during the campaign, these require time, but taking advantage of the situation of the 100 days of government, which will be fulfilled on November 15, they will present the country some of the advances and achievements that the presidency of Gustavo Petro has had in the little more than three months that he has been in power, also warning that the depth of the changes proposed by Petro require time, since it is a program long winded.

“The entire country is surely waiting for us to show these achievements in the coming days and we are going to do it taking advantage of the 100 days, but the president has also been clear that we are not governing for 100 days, surely we are going to show many achievements that we will communicate in a timely manner. to the country, but it has also told us that this is a long-term program, it is a program that involves four years and that, of course, we will mark milestones and advances, which we will communicate to the country as time progresses. But never lose sight of the fact that a depth change program that Gustavo Petro is directing is a program that requires time and that time we are going to spend working and executing from Sunday to Sunday, 24 hours a day, as we have been working on today”.

After giving statements to the press, Minister Prada returned to the General Assembly of Government, which, at the close of this article, is still not over.