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Developers from the USA announced the world's first downing of a drone with a combat laser with artificial intelligence

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun12,2024

Developers from the US announced the world's first downing of a drone with a combat laser with artificial intelligence

Forbes  informs: the US Army shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle for the first time in history&nbsp with the help of high-energy laser weapons. This is the LOCUST laser system from the BlueHalo company. The head of the Department of Military Procurement, Doug Bush, noted that the US Army is using laser weapons against drones, but the Pentagon has not yet confirmed or denied these reports.

BlueHalo CEO Jonathan Moneymaker also refrained from directly answering the question. , whether the LOCUST laser shot down a drone in combat, but noted that high-ranking Pentagon officers “applauded LOCUST's work, and soldiers who served nearby thanked the manufacturer for the protection”.

The LOCUST laser system is the result of multi-year efforts of the Pentagon, on which billions of dollars were spent. Thanks to the modern technologies of the data acquisition, targeting and beam control system, LOCUST is able to effectively destroy even large drones.

The special feature of this system is software beam control and a built-in set of artificial intelligence tools, which allows you to accurately identify any type of drones and determine their weak points to inflict maximum damage.

Natasha Kumar

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