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Developers from Germany invented a revolutionary way of extracting energy for batteries from geothermal water

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

Developers from Germany have invented a revolutionary method of extracting energy for batteries from geothermal water

German engineers have presented a new technology for extracting lithium from geothermal water, which could become revolutionary for the production of batteries . This technology is not only environmentally friendly, but also will help to significantly reduce dependence on traditional sources of lithium.

The company Vulcan Energy Resources has developed a method that allows to extract lithium directly from geothermal water, found in  the bowels of the earth The water used to generate geothermal energy contains significant amounts of lithium. After extracting the elements, the water is returned to the subsoil, which makes the process practically waste-free. This technology is a significant step forward in the field of ecological mining. It makes it possible to produce lithium for batteries of electric cars and other electronic devices without harming the environment. Instead of traditional mining methods that include pitting and evaporation, the new method is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Using geothermal water for lithium extraction will also reduce transportation and storage costs, as mining is carried out directly on the spot. This significantly simplifies logistics processes and reduces the impact on the environment.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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