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“Detractors flaunt a beautiful life”: GUR warns about IPSO in tiktok

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr17,2024

"The dodgers flaunt a beautiful life": GUR warns about IPSO in tiktok

The Russians are spreading IPSO to disrupt the mobilization/CPD

In Russia, they are trying to disrupt the mobilization in Ukraine again. This time they are using the popular social network tiktok to spread IPSO.

The Central Intelligence Agency has published a warning to Ukrainians about the Russian Information and Psychological Operation (IPSO) in tiktok and other social networks. In these videos, men who are abroad on vacation act as “evaders” and are shown in an ultra-fashionable light.

According to the Main Directorate of Intelligence, such videos quickly gain popularity and collect a lot of comments from the audience, which contributes to their trending.

Evidence of a targeted enemy propaganda campaign is:

  • simultaneous release of numerous songs and videos that “heroize” men who refuse to participate in the defense of their country;
  • anonymity of authors;
  • distribution of content by organized groups of bots.

"Ukhylants flaunt a beautiful life": GUR warns about IPSO in tiktok

< p class="quote">Indicated IPSO is a classic technology for dividing society, when on the one hand there are “defenders” and there are “evaders”. The purpose of such actions of the enemy is to disrupt mobilization, to increase tension in society due to internal confrontation,”
– summarizes the Main Directorate of Intelligence.

Later, the Center for countering disinformation of the NSDC also reported on the enemy's information and psychological operation.


As part of this divisive campaign, the Center for Combating Disinformation notes, a high-budget video about the “two realities” of Ukrainians – the evader and the mobilized one – is being released.

It is not surprising that the enemy has intensified its efforts to disrupt mobilization in the background that on April 11, the Verkhovna Radapassed draft law No. 10449 on mobilization.It was signed by Volodymyr Zelenskyi on April 16 and will enter into force in a month.

Natasha Kumar

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