Details of the development of the car from Apple

Details of the development of the car from Apple

Apple car development details revealed

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Since 2014                      registered      This became known from the joint investigation of analytical agencies Nikkei and Intellectual Property Landscape.

It is noted that a record number of – 66 – The company filed in 2017. Of                     s s published patents. According to analysts, the final result of 2021 may turn out to be at the level of 2017 or even higher.

The fact is that from the moment of filing an application to its publication it takes about 18 months. Thus, analysts were unable to find out exactly how many patents Apple filed in 2021. However, they noted that even already published applications show a large number of them.

The largest share of Apple patents – 32% – accounted for automotive communication and navigation technologies. Another 18% – These are developments in the field of autonomous driving. About 16% accounted for know-how to ensure driver and passenger comfort. In the latter case, we are talking about systems embedded in car seats, suspension, windows, doors and more. The remaining 30% of patents relate to driving a car using an iPhone, battery charge management and other solutions.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga