Details of more than a dozen Western companies found in Iranian “shaheeds” – media

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Details of more than a dozen Western companies found in Iranian 'Shahedahs', Media


In the Iranian Shahed-136 drone shot down in Ukraine in autumn, components produced by more than a dozen American and western companies were found. This reports CNN with a link to Ukrainian intelligence.

In particular, 40 components seized from Shahed-136 in autumn have signs of American production. We are talking about microcontrollers and voltage stabilizers from Texas Instruments, a Hemisphere GNSS GPS module, a microprocessor from NXP USA Inc and other electronics. 12 more parts were made in Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan and China.

At the same  of companies violates US sanctions laws and knowingly exports their technology for use in drones. However, the magnitude of the challenge faced by the Biden administration when it promised to stop producing Iranian drones.

It turned out that solving this problem is rather difficult — despite the existing sanctions, Iran finds a big the number of commercially available technologies.

CNN replied to six company representatives whose details were found in the drone. All they said condemn any unauthorized use of their products, however, fighting this phenomenon has become a big challenge for the entire industry.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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