Details about the relationship they would have sustained are aired.

Details about the relationship they would have sustained are aired.

While Gerard Piqué spends days of a lot of media activity, due to his substitution at Barcelonaand his hectic private life, after revealing the identity of his new girlfriend Clara Chía, now the 'paparazzis' dig into the past of the Colombian Shakira.

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Last week was relatively intense in information about the ex-partner, in the midst of their legal dispute after their separation.

Piqué has been seen with his new girlfriend and that has been a breeding ground for journalists who closely follow celebrities.

Well, this weekend, a new version came to light, but now it involves to the Colombian Shakira.

Shakira and Nadal. what happened between them?

Details about the relationship they would have had.

The Spanish 'paparazzi' Jordi Martin, in 'América Noticias', revealed having learned that the The artist had a “secret romance” with the tennis player Rafael Nadal.

Martin, who became known for recently posting photos of Piqué with his new girlfriend, made his comments with certainty. He revealed that Shakira and Nadal had a romantic relationship that would have occurred before the singer began dating the soccer player.

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“I can say that Shakira made a video clip with Alejandro (Sanz), but that did not get involved with him. She got involved with an equally or more famous person”, Jordi began.

“Can we reveal the identity? Are you excited?” asked the driver. Jordi said: “He is a world-renowned person and he is a high-level athlete. He is not a soccer player, he is a tennis player.”

” Stop, are you Jordi telling me that Shakira would have had an affair with Rafael Nadal? “added the presenter.

Identity confirmed

Details about the relationship they would have had.

“I say that there was something in a video clip with a high-level athlete in Spain, among the three best athletes in the country's history, and there was an idyll. I'll leave it there, I can't give names”, he said, in relation to 2010, when the star chose the tennis player Rafael Nadal as the protagonist of the video clip of the song 'Gitana'.

“Is it the person who has won more Grand Slam in its history?”, added another host of the program. The Spaniard, at last, specified: “Yes, and everything has been said.”

The version turned it around to the world, and occupied spaces in different entertainment media, due to the normal situation of the moment that the ex-partner lives after the announcement of their separation, and while they prepare for the legal battle.

When Piqué and Shakira were together, they were seen more than once attending the Spanish tennis player's matches.

Nadal, meanwhile, is married to Xisca Perelló , and are expecting their first child together, after a relationship that began in 2019.

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