Despite the terrible diagnosis the Victoria’s Secret model expecting first child: photo

24-year-old Romy Strayed managed to defeat infertility

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Вопреки страшному диагнозу модель Victoria's Secret ждет первенца: фото

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Famous Dutch model and “angel” Victoria’s Secret Romy Strayed told fans the happy news – she, along with her lover by Lawrence van Leuvenum waiting for the firstborn. Despite the terrible diagnosis – polycystic ovarian syndrome which I was diagnosed with Romy two years ago, she was still able to get pregnant. Note that the model for seven years of absent menses.

24-year-old model in their social networks published a video in which he announced her pregnancy.

Вопреки страшному диагнозу модель Victoria's Secret ждет первенца: фото

The Victoria’s Secret model Romy Strayed

“We’re having a baby. I was just heartbroken, because to be a mom and have a family with Lawrence — my biggest dream. And here I was told that with a natural pregnancy will have difficulties. Then I began to study his diagnosis and came to the conclusion that my case is unusual,” wrote 24-year-old model on his page in Instagram.

It tells Romy, in order to get pregnant, she changed her way of life without stress and tensions. The model has become less to travel around the world to establish biorhythms and stopped to observe a strict diet to do too strenuous exercises.

Also the Victoria’s Secret model took “natural supplements”, and underwent a course of acupuncture. In November last year, monthly she recovered: “I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to reduce the load on the workouts and their intensity, to stop cut back on your diet, time to rest and care for yourself. Also tried natural supplements. And another was to spend more time with family in the Netherlands, because I am a very family man. In the end, I have a normal cycle.”

Recall that the star of the cult TV series “Game of thrones” Sophie Turner is pregnant with first child.

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