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Desperate Housewives: the cult series celebrates its 20th anniversary with a very special gift

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

Desperate Housewives is one of the cult series that will have marked the 2000s, some of which have even already been released. right to reboots. This acidic dive into the tormented daily life of the housewives of Wisteria Lane celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and for the occasion, Eva Longoria has made a announcement that will make fans crazy with joy!

Desperate Housewives: the series

Desperate Housewives, the return?

Broadcast between 2004 and 2012, Desperate Housewives a marked attracted an entire generation of viewers with its vitriolic portrait of the falsely perfect American suburbs. The famous ABC series follows the daily lives of four women: Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher), Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman), Bree Van de Kamp (Marcia Cross) and Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) . The series, which skillfully combines humor, family dramas, soap opera and thriller, benefits from a five-star cast and a sufficiently solid script strong> for keeping the audience in suspense for 8 seasons. And to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the broadcast of the pilot episode on television, Eva Longoria has just announced a special event, at any time know about the reunion!

Eva Longoria officially announces a special reunion! cials of the cast of #DesperateHousewives for the 20th anniversary of the series!

May 20, 2024

At the microphone of our colleagues at Canal+, this Monday, May 20, on the sidelines of the Cannes Film Festival, Eva Longoria admitted that he misses his character,Gabi, as well as the place where The plot ofDesperate Housewives,Wisteria Lane unfolds. No question of a spin-off however, but rather of a meeting between the different actors, at a later date. the image of that of the cast ofFriends.

Desperate Housewives: the cult series celebrates its 20th anniversary with a very special gift

Regularly rebroadcast on TNT channels since its termination, the series proves that despite ; As the years go by, it remains relevant. And to find out what happened to the actors of Desperate Housewives in 2024, it's right here!

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