Deserved win for the Bamesians

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  • A well-deserved win for the Bamesians

    Miguel Dicent, Bameso's point guard and captain, was fundamental in the crown won by the club.

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Great managerial management, excellent technical management and, above all, the performance of its players were the keys for the Bameso team to achieve his third crown in the superior basketball of the National District.

Trahson Burrell, an athletic but temperamental 6-7 swigman who brings instant offense, speed and defense. The second reinforcement was supposed to be Quintin Alexander, a power forward who eventually played the game. with Rafael Barias.

When his contract was being translated, management received a “magic call” in which he realized the availability of Víctor Liz, captain of the national team, and architect of the previous Bamesian coronation in 2012, but with a game similar to that of Burrell.

For the regional reinforcement post, a bet was made. for the wisdom, experience and cunning of Edward Santana, who at 42 years of age remains in great physical shape and can still contribute. Santana starred He led the team to the 2011 and 2012 titles.

With the decision to pair Burrell and Liz, management and coaches assumed local players would be the ones in charge of defense near the rim and help grab rebounds.

so that the trident made up of Jean Carlos Quezada, Miguel Simón and Fausto Pichardo had to face the challenge, take a step forward and with their actions not disappoint the trust placed in them.

The person in charge of making the orchestra The one that worked was the setter and captain of the team, Miguel Dicent. With a quality already known in his position, Dicent did chemistry with Liz and Burrell, managed with excellence the balls for each one and took advantage of the He maximized the opportunities offered by the defense when it focused on powerful offensive weapons.

Yoel Feliz, discriminated against in his base club -San Carlos-, accepted The Bamesian challenge with the guarantee of his management and with the background of being the Manager of the Year of the National Basketball League with the Titans of the National District/San Cristóbal.

His strategy of frustrating Gerardo Suero's offense -13 points in the last two games- and Jonathan Araujo in the seventh and decisive game was brilliant and timely to get the result in a final series against the powerful and favorite, Mauricio Bá ;ez.

Limited, but no less important, the work of substitute defenders Henry Ortiz and Luixander Blanco who, with their key contributions, perfectly complemented the work of the stars.

A victory deserved based on the effort, good work, team play and the inevitable hand of God as always attributed by his coach Feliz, who earned, incidentally, an invitation to the coaching staff of the national team national.

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