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The Legault government also agrees to relax its demands on Bishop's University.

Déry reviews its position on university prices

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The Legault government finally agreed to modulate differently the measures it announced earlier this fall due to numerous complaints from English-speaking universities like McGill . (Archive photo)

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The Legault government agrees to lower the minimum rate for Canadian students not resident in Quebec to $12,000 per year. These tuition fees were initially expected to be approximately $17,000.

The Minister of Higher Education, Pascal Déry, made her new position known in a letter sent Thursday morning to the rectors of McGill, Concordia and Bishop's, who have been particularly vocal since the start of the year. announcement of the reform of the university financing policy, in October.

The measures presented provide in particular that part of the financing for students non-Quebecers will be subject to the evaluation and development of French skills by establishments.

Starting in the 2025-2026 academic year, 80% of new non-Quebec registrants in an English-speaking study program will have to reach level 5 orally according to the Quebec scale of levels of skills in French at the end of their undergraduate program, warns the minister.

Without this, university funding will be further reduced, we understand.

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The requirements imposed on Bishop's University will also be relaxed due to the particular location of the establishment, located outside of Montreal. Ultimately, the Sherbrooke establishment will be authorized to welcome 825 Canadian students not resident in Quebec annually at the current rate.

Several aspects of the Déry reform are however maintained. With the exception of the French, international students, for example, will have to pay a minimum of $20,000 per year to study in Quebec. And as expected, the new pricing is expected to take effect in fall 2024.

More details will follow.

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