Dermatologist Anastasia Turiano identified five main symptoms of skin cancer

Dermatologist Anastasia Turiano identified five key symptoms that may indicate skin cancer. She believes that if the time to identify these signs, there is a chance to recover.

Дерматолог Анастасия Териану назвала пять главных симптомов рака кожи

Special attention should be paid to moles. All dermatologists in the course of business, use the Dermatoscope. This device gives full information about what changes occur over time. Benign moles can change in shape and size.

The mole is irregular in shape immediately should cause concern. It normally looks oval or round and is completely symmetrical. To pay attention is necessary and on the border of the moles. About skin cancer may indicate blurred and irregular edges.

The physician recalled that in melanoma there is uneven color, which gets lost with time. If a person notices at something suspicious, it is important not to postpone the visit to the doctor.

Another sign of the existence of the disease the size of the moles. If it is more than an ordinary pea, it is necessary to pass the examination. The dermatologist has advised to watch for changing moles. In particular, it should do the patients older than 40 years. If on a body there are a lot of new moles, it may indicate skin cancer.

A problem can occur anywhere. Most suspicious lesions with timely recourse are removed under local anesthesia.

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