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Deputy Minister Stéphane Le Bouyonnec bleached

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Stéphane Le Bouyonnec, a former president of the CAQ, had to resign as a candidate in the riding of La Prairie in 2018. (Archive photo)


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Suspected of maintaining links with a usurious loan company, Deputy Minister Stéphane Le Bouyonnec was finally cleared by the general secretary associated with senior jobs. Brigitte Pelletier concludes that the former elected official of the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) has had no interest in Finabanx since 2019; she considers “the case closed”.

The case came out in the media on December 7, when an investigation published by The Pressrevealed that Mr. Le Bouyonnec would still have links with Finabanx. The first revelations on this subject, made during the 2018 electoral campaign, forced Mr. Le Bouyonnec to submit his resignation as president and candidate of the CAQ.

Prime Minister François Legault declared that he was not aware of this new information, while the opposition demanded the suspension of the deputy minister while waiting for the light to be shed .

In a letter addressed to the spokesperson for the official opposition on ethics, the general secretary associated with senior employment explains that there is nothing in the file that allows us to doubt the assertions of Mr. Le Bouyonnec in the circumstances. .

She recognizes, however, that the explanations that Mr. Le Bouyonnec gave to the journalist from La Presse, as well as the content of certain emails that he exchanged with shareholders beyond October 1, 2019, can give rise to various interpretations and suggest that he still maintains links or financial interests in the Finabanx company.

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Ms Pelletier adds that Mr. Le Bouyonnec recognizes that his explanations would have required context in order to qualify certain elements reported in the media.

Mr. Bouyonnec served as associate secretary general of the Executive Council, the Prime Minister's ministry, and became deputy minister of the Ministry of Cybersecurity and Digital Affairs on October 23.

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