Deputy head of the OPU Andrei Smirnov, instead of creating an international tribunal, defended Umka and Pavelko, – expert

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Deputy head of the OPU Andrei Smirnov, instead of creating an international tribunal, defended Umka and Pavelko, – expert

The Office of the President is considering the resignation of Deputy Head of the Office Andrey Smirnov due to the failure of his communication on the creation of a special international tribunal. This was reported on Facebook by the director of the Institute of Socio-Political Design “Dialogue” Andrey Miselyuk, writes the publication “Antikor”.

According to his sources in the OP, Smirnov “withdrew from this direction, and international experts believe that he has no sufficient professionalism and could not coordinate this work from Ukraine. 

The political scientist said that the leadership of the Office of the President intends to rectify the situation and avoid the final loss of hope for the creation of a separate special international tribunal.  

OP and the appointment of an effective anti-crisis communicator and organizational manager in his place. The President and Ukraine need a brilliant success story here, not a shameful failure, – he quotes a source from the OP. 

He believes that today for Ukraine there are virgin options for the development of events. First – a bilateral agreement between Ukraine and the UN, which, after the support of the UN General Assembly, will provide the political support of the entire international community and will allow the creation of a separate tribunal. The second option – it is an internal court created by Ukraine, with the addition of an international element from the EU or the Council of Europe. In both cases, the initiative must belong to the Ukrainian side – that is, official Kyiv should take a proactive stance – articulate and promote your vision. This is the work that should be done by our country, and no one except Ukraine can and will not do it. 

Andriy Miselyuk stressed that now there is the prospect of creating a separate special tribunal, where Ukraine will play the main role and her criminal law is disappearing right before her eyes. 

“To my knowledge, the president's office is not at all happy about this prospect. They blame the failure of efforts in this area on Andrey Smirnov, Deputy Chairman of the Office of the President, who oversees the legal direction,” he concludes. . So, recently it became known that his lawyers are defending the “thief in law” Umka – Sergei Oleinik. The media also reported that he was lobbying the interests of the President and Secretary General of the Ukrainian Football Association Andriy Pavelko, who is accused of embezzling UAH 26.5 million.

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