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Denmark has come up with an unusual “donation” for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr18,2024

Denmark has come up with an unusual “donation” for the Armed Forces of Ukraine The new aid package to Ukraine from the Danish government includes 200 million Danish kroner ($28.5 million) for the purchase of weapons and military equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Ukrainian manufacturers.

«This is the first such decision — I believe it's the first of many. And this is what we have tirelessly asked our partners to do over the past months,” —  reported the Minister of Strategic Industries Alexander Kamyshin.

The Minister noted that the Ukrainian “defense industry” “It has already accelerated so much” that the Ukrainian budget cannot fully load manufacturers with orders.

So, the capacity of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex is about 20 billion dollars. At the same time, Ukraine has only $6 billion for the purchase of weapons.

«Roughly speaking, we only have a third of all the machines that we have in the country, because there is not enough money to supply the rest with orders. The optimal way out of this situation — convince partners who are ready to buy weapons for Ukraine to do it here,” — Kamyshin said.

He convinces that Ukrainian gunsmiths are capable of producing much more of the weapons that the Ukrainian military needs. Also, contracts for the defense industry are an essential element of economic support for Ukraine.

Ukraine has launched a global fundraising campaign ZBROYARI: Manufacturing Freedom with the goal of raising 10 billion for the production of Ukrainian weapons in 2024. Kamyshin said that this is “a strategic gathering not for people, but for entire nations.” Denmark's contribution was the first such “donation”.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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