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 Denis Coderre would run as a candidate in the Quebec region

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Denis Coderre would like to run in the Capital- National if he becomes leader of the Quebec Liberal Party. (Archive photo)

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L'ex- Mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre continues his reflection with a view to launching the race for leadership of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ)… and to run in the 2026 elections.

If necessary, the man who led the metropolis from 2013 to 2017 would run as a candidate in the Quebec region, he declared on the Montreal show Tout un matin< /em>, Tuesday on ICI Premiere, thus confirming information first revealed by the daily Le Soleil.

If you want to stop labeling the Liberal Party as a Montreal party, well, having the leader running in the Quebec region sends a nice message. of union between the capital and the metropolis, he argued, without mentioning any particular constituency.

The challenge, if any, would be great. Since the resignation of MP Sébastien Proulx in 2019, the PLQ no longer has any MPs in the Quebec region. By running as a candidate in the National Capital, Denis Coderre would like to put an end to this crossing of the desert.

The former mayor of Montreal announced on January 10 that he was seriously considering participating in the PLQ leadership race, which will take place in 2025. Since then, he has started a media tour, which #x27;in particular led to interviews with Coulisses du power and Everybody talks about it.

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Mr. Coderre also took his PLQ membership card last Friday and took advantage of the press scrum that followed, at the party headquarters, Queen Street, in Montreal, to praise the former Liberal Prime Minister Philippe Couillard, whom he presented as a source of inspiration.

The fruit of his reflection will be announced at the end of a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela which will take him to Portugal and Spain in May – a personal challenge that the x27;former mayor of Montreal, who suffered a stroke last year, from which he says he has fully recovered, despite slight speech problems.

Before making the leap into municipal politics, Mr. Coderre was a Liberal member of the House of Commons from 1997 to 2013. He also held ministerial positions in the governments of Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin .

More details will follow.

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