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Democratic leaders rule out replacing Biden as presidential candidate

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul1,2024

Democratic leaders have ruled out replacing Biden as the presidential nominee

Top Democrats on Sunday, On June 30, the possibility of replacing President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee was ruled out following his recent debate performance.

After several days of discussion on the issue, Democratic leaders decisively rejected calls to choose a younger presidential candidate, reports &quot ;Voice America".

"No way,",– said Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia, one of several Democrats being considered as a possible replacement for Biden.

"There are bad debates, – he said in an interview with the NBC program. – The question is, who did Donald Trump stand for, other than himself and others like him? I – with Joe Biden, and our task – make sure that he reaches the finish line in November.”

House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, who could become speaker next year if his party wins a majority in the House in November, acknowledged that Biden performed poorly in the debates.

“I think failure is when all the conditions are in place for a comeback,” he told MSNBC. – So the moment we are in now – This is the moment when he will have to fight back, and he will need all of us to support him by articulating a positive message about why the Democratic platform is best suited to solve the problems facing the American people.”

Another leading House Democrat, James Clyburn, agreed with Jeffries.

"He should stay in this race. He must demonstrate his ability to lead the country,”– Clyburn said in an interview with CNN.

A CBS poll taken after the debate showed that the number of Democrats who believe Biden should not run for president increased by 10 points – from 36% in February to 46%.

"The idea that Biden was unlucky this evening is not true. He has – unsuccessful presidency, (and) he had disastrous debates"– South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said in an interview with CNN.

After seven campaign events in four states following Thursday's debate, Biden headed to Camp David on Saturday to spend time with family.

Speaking on Saturday, June 29, summing up the campaign to date day, Biden said another $27 million had been raised since the debate, the biggest fundraising since the start of the campaign.

Biden admitted he didn't perform “well.” at the debate, but noted that "voters responded differently than the experts."

"After the debate, the polls show a slight shift, and our numbers actually went up. Post-debate research shows that they (the debates) can… attract undecided voters"– he said.

"I wouldn't run for office again if I didn't believe with all my heart and soul that I could do the job," – said the US President.

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