Democratic “blue wall” in the Midwest: retained governorships in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin

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Republicans control the legislatures in all three territories, so controlling the Executive Branch was key to vetoing legislation on issues such as abortion rights and amendments to the electoral system

“Blue Wall” Democrat in the Midwest: retained the governorships in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin

Gretchen Whitmer, Tony Evers, Josh Shapiro

Democrats won the gubernatorial races in the “blue wall” states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin< on Tuesday. /b>, allowing them to fend off Republican-dominated state congresses on issues like abortion rights and fair elections.

Democratic Governors Gretchen Whitmer< /b> from Michigan and Tony Eversof Wisconsin were re-elected, while Josh Shapiro succeeded an outgoing Democratic governor in Pennsylvania, according to Edison Research projections.

The three states served as a “blue wall” that helped President Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump in 2020, when Republican leaders tried to overturn those results.

Republicans control state legislatures in the three territories, making the gubernatorial race crucial to vetoing the legislation.

Shapiro, the state attorney general, defeated Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano, who has repeated the false claims of the former President Donald Trump about fraud in the 2020 elections and was present at the United States Capitol during the riots on January 6, 2021 after the presidential election.

“Blue Wall” Democrats in the Midwest: They retained the governorships in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin

Josh Shapiro celebrates Tuesday's results (AP)

Mastriano told supporters late Tuesday that he will respect the election results, but said there are too many pending votes and he wants to see “what the voters have to say.”

The race is one of 36 state gubernatorial races held Tuesday in America's midterm elections, with the future of the right to abortion and oversight of elections pending numerous territories' decisions.

The stakes increased interest and attention for state elections, which are often seen overshadowed by the fight for control of Congress.

According to Edison Research forecasts, the Democratic Party won the gubernatorial elections in Massachusetts and Maryland with historical candidates, while the Republican candidates would win the most important elections in Florida, Georgia and Texas.

In Massachusetts, Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey became the first woman to hold the state's highest office, where she will also be the nation's first openly lesbian governor.

Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was Trump's White House press secretary, was elected as the first female governor of Arkansas.

Another milestone was achieved in Maryland , where Democrat Wes Moore became the state's first African-American candidate to win a gubernatorial election.

In New York State, where The Republicans last won 20 years ago, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kathy Hochul beating Republican candidate Lee Zeldin, who ran a big crime-focused campaign.

The Republican candidates won in Georgia, Texas and Florida, states where Democrats hoped to be more competitive s, or even win the elections.

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