Dell completely stopped work in Russia

Dell completely stopped work in Russia

Dell completely stopped working in Russia

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< p>The American technology company Dell Technologies has announced the termination of work in the Russian market. Reuters reports with reference to the representative of the company Mike Siemenas.

In mid-August, we closed all offices and ceased all operations in Russia. Back in February, we made the decision not to sell or service our products in Russia, Belarus, and the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, in addition to the already embargoed Crimea.

According to  CNews, Dell laid off all employees in the Russian office. In Moscow, the corporation had a sales office, and in St. Petersburg – development office. The first one employed almost 50 people, the second – 400 developers.

Dell – one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world and the largest supplier of servers to Russia.

BAGNET notes that in March, the American technology company Hewlett Packard announced that it was completely leaving Russia and Belarus . In Russia, Hewlett Packard primarily supplied data storage systems. In this segment, the company was one of the three Western suppliers. The company competed with Dell Technologies and Huawei.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga< /p>